Physical Signs of Depression


The physical signs of depression vary from person to person. Every now and then we all get depressed; sometimes people get depressed for no reason and on other occasions because of a sad event. However, in most people depression is not permanent and with time it goes away. This is not true depression; rather it is sadness and case of the blues. But in some people depression lingers and ends up being permanent to just an extent that the person cannot function on a day to day level.

When a person is depressed, his everyday life is affected, he completely loses interest in everything around him and loses all energy. Even getting out of bed can be an arduous task when a person is depressed. The things that the person once enjoyed do not interest him any longer and he finds it difficult to indulge in them.

The good news is that depression can be treated and it does not have to have a debilitating effect on your life. That is why you need to watch out for physical signs of depression so that you can seek professional help on time.

Behavior as a sign of depression:

A depressed person can display the following behaviors:

• Withdraws from people, leisure activities, work and pleasure. In fact, this is one of the first signs of depression.
• Episodes of restlessness
• Faces difficulty in getting out of bed
• Has low energy levels and therefore does not participate in any activity
• Suffers from lack of motivation as everything seems like an effort

Feelings as a sign of depression:

• Feeling sad and miserable for no reason whatsoever
• Feeling besieged with everyday living tasks
• Suffering from apathy
• Feeling irritable, anxious or tensed
• Feeling of helplessness
• Suffering from low self-esteem and confidence
• Easily discouraged and disappointed
• Feeling unattractive and/or ugly
• Not experiencing pleasure or joy

Thinking as a sign of depression:

• Unable to make decisions
• Suffering from lack of concentration or focus
• Losing interest in people, activities and life in general
• Blaming oneself constantly for everything
• Being pessimistic about everything
• Spending all time dwelling on failures and problems rather than achievements and good times
• Thinking about harming oneself or committing suicide

If you have two or more of the above mentioned signs, you may be suffering from depression. However, you should let a professional figure out whether you are actually dealing with depression because some of the signs could relate to an illness too.

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