Picnic Food Ideas

By Michael Stern on 2014-11-18 18:18:46

Picnics don’t seem to as common as they used to be. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t go out and enjoy a picnic with delicious foods. You just need to figure out what foods you are going to bring with you on the picnic. The following section describes simple foods that you can bring to make your picnic a success.


Sandwiches are great for picnics. They are easy to make and almost everyone likes them. You can make simple sandwiches that just combine bread with your favorite sliced meat and a condiment. You can make multiple kinds of sandwiches for variety. There are a number of other sandwich recipes that you can find to have a little bit more interesting or tasty food. However you choose to make your sandwiches, you can’t go wrong with these delicious eats at your picnic.


Fruits are also great to bring along on a picnic. Most fruits are very good for you and provide you with a lot of the nutrients that you need to be healthy. Also, many fruits require no preparation to bring along and enjoy. Fruits such as apples and bananas are delicious and all you have to do is throw them in your basket. Of course, you can fix up other fruits to bring along such as a watermelon. This might require a little bit of work, but it’s worth it.

Other Snacks

There are an unlimited number of other snack options that you can bring along on your picnic. One of the most popular options is potato chips. You can bring along whatever simple snack that you enjoy. The benefit of simple snacks is that you can pick them up at the grocery store and not have to do any preparation for the picnic. Like fruit, you can just throw it in the basket.


No picnic is complete without a delicious dessert. Desserts are probably going to require that you do a little cooking. Some great options are pies or cookies. These delicious treats will top off your picnic nicely.

If you are looking to take a trip out on a sunny day and enjoy a picnic, you’ve got to bring the right foods. The foods described are a great starting point and good for someone who wants to keep it simple. But, if you are looking to bring along new, exciting and delicious foods, you should get some new recipes to make it happen.

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