Pits And Fissures Can Cause Your Child Decay

.tags Many children erupt permanent molars thathave pits and fissures says a dentist in Marietta, GA. Pits and fissures are small grooves and holes where the enamel forms inward on itself allowing bacteria and foodto become trapped. Some are very narrow, so they are impossible to clean with a toothbrush. This allows the perfect hide-a-way for bacteria to cause decay. Most childhood decay is a result from pits and fissures, so it is necessary to protect your child’s teeth if they have the defect. Pits and fissures are mostly formed on back teeth, the first and second molars. The problem was solved with the invention of the dental sealant. They can be placed on your child’s teeth to help fill and cover the grooves and holes. Sealants rid the teeth of places the bacteria can hide. It is usually recommended that the back eight molars be sealed, two in each quadrant of the mouth. Your dentist may suggest others.

A dental sealantis highly effective if placed properly. It is a material that is painted on the child’s teeth and no drilling is necessary. This saves your child from receiving the dreaded injection, therefore sealants are quick and painless. Normal teeth brushing and mouth rinses can not resolve the problem, so sealants are an excellent option to fill in the natural pockets, crevices and micro holes in tooth structures.

Bacteria that naturally resides in themouth fills the tiny crevices and holes. Since bacteria produces an acid that erodes enamel, some pits and fissures can not be kept clean, the decay process is left unobstructed. It is possible for the smallest dot of decay on a tooth, once drilled upon by the dentist can open exposing a large cavity. The sealant is an excellent option to fill the pits and fissures preventing decay. Sealants are important to place, since the susceptibility of teeth with pits and fissures to decay is much higher than teeth with a smooth surface.

Sealants should be applied to teeth as soon as they erupt in the mouth. It is important that your dentist use a rubber-damn to be placed properly. Most children get their first set of molars around the age of six. As soon as the tooth is grown in enough to attach a rubber-damn, then a sealant can be placed. First molars do not all grow in at the age of six. Some children get these molars at five and later than the age of six. Around twelve, a second set of permanent molars erupt and may need sealed. Since decay can happen soon after a tooth erupts, it is important to have sealants placed as soon as possible. Once a tooth has decay, a sealant can not be placed.

As long as a sealant remains intact, bacteria can not cause decay. Sealants are able to protect your child’s teeth if placed properly. However, if a sealant becomes cracked, broken or in need of repair it can trap food and promote decay. Therefore, regular dental hygiene visit are important to let you know if your child needs sealants or if one is in need of repair. It has been discovered that sports drinks and colas contribute to the degredation of the sealants.

Sealants are an important part of keeping your child’s teeth healthy. Theyare less costly than a filling, so it is an advantageous way to protect your child’s teeth.Daily teeth brushing, flossing, limited snacking and regular visits to the dentist each are essential for a healthy mouth for your child says Marietta,Ga dentist.


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