Plant Medicine is a Better Choice for Varicose Veins


Varicose veins occur in the legs and not only look ugly as they grow bigger, but also make movement uncomfortable. Treatment for your varicose veins will be determined by what kind of symptoms that you have and how much pain you are in. Varicose veins can be treated through sclerotherapy. This is a medical procedure for removal of varicose veins and spider veins. Sclerotherapy basically requires injecting a special chemical known as sclerosant precisely into the damaged vein.

This procedure will close your veins that are varicose and also reroute your blood so your blood will travel in veins that are in better shape. Sclerotherapy is normally done in a doctor’s chamber and the entire treatment session takes anything between five minutes and an hour depending on the number of varicose veins that are being treated. Although, there are several benefits of using sclerotherapy for treating varicose veins, sclerotherapy is inexpensive compared to surgery.

Removal of varicose vein through this medical procedure does not require the patient to be admitted to hospital. At the same time, vein removal using sclerotherapy enables a person to return to work and normal activities much quickly. So, sclerotherapy also diminishes symptoms and improves the appearance of the skin in eighty five percent of people who have smaller varicose veins. However, using sclerotherapy for removal of varicose veins is associated with certain side effects.

Removal of vein by administering aethoxysklerol injections often change the color of the skin along the cured varicose veins. While the discoloration may cause a permanent scar in some people using aethoxysklerol injections, in others it may take six months to a year to fade away. Patients using sclerotherapy for removal of varicose veins may also experience pain, bruising, itching and blistering at the site where the aethoxysklerol injections have been administered.

In the event aethoxysklerol injection is shot outside the varicose veins, it may result to ulcers or death of the tissues around the area. Sclerotherapy may also lead to blood clots or injure the deep vein system. One of the major risks of using sclerotherapy for removal of varicose veins is the failure of the treatment to put off the return of varicose veins at a later stage. Under these circumstances, people begin to train their eyes to natural plant medicine.

Natural medicine can be said to exist with the existence of human society, which was the main therapeutic agent of human diseases before the 18th century. With the rapid development of modern medicine and chemical pharmaceutical industry in the 19th century, natural medicine gradually lost people’s attention to shrink and this situation was more serious in the western world. Natural medicine awaked in the calling of “back to nature” all over the world and has improved and developed greatly.

Plant medicine has become the treatment of choice by medical professionals and individuals seeking a curative effect against varicose veins and related condition.Plant medicine ends varicose veins by directly improving circulation, strengthening the immune system, and breaking up fibrin deposits. Results achieved with plant medicine are more than convincing especially in view of the poor efficacy of allopathic treatments using surgery or classic synthetic medications.

The use of medicinal plants is taking an increasingly greater role in the treatment of venous insufficiency as conventional medicine has few effective solutions. Powerless, and faced with treatment failures, some doctors are actively seeking alternative effective treatments to resolve this inadequacy. Created by competent scientists, medicinal plant treatments provide real opportunities to safely eliminate varicose veins with encouraging measurable results.

Plant medicine has ability to rapidly absorb into cell membranes to promote venous circulation at concentration much lower than those in other treatments. In addition, they provide total systemic support, a combination which explains their dynamic effectiveness. This treatment is very specialized and far superior to all others. They provide a well established means to defeat varicose veins. To learn more, please go to

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