Playa del Carmen Real Estate ? Small Town, Modern Lifestyle


A lifestyle combination many people feel ideal is that of a small-town, and a real neighborhood atmosphere, with many modern services right at hand. Playa del Carmen real estate is one example how these two ideals can exist hand in hand.


Although a city of over 100,000, the prevailing atmosphere of Playa del Carmen is that of a small town; small city blocks, with everything within walking distance, neighbors who you see every day, no highrises, local bars and cafes where you can get to know the other regulars – both Mexicans and other expats – all make you feel as though you are living in a town much smaller, both visually and in the way you interact with neighbors.


In addition to the small city blocks and low-rise buildings, expats from Europe and Argentina have opened restaurants, cafes and sports bars, adding a sort old-world touch to this atmosphere.


On the other hand, the city offers many modern services. Playa del Carmen real estate has access to top-quality utility infrastructure and high-speed internet. In the newer developments surrounding downtown there are new malls, large movie theaters and big store names from the U.S. Walmart is, in fact, directly downtown, and is within walking distance of several favorite expat neighborhoods.


In addition to the golf courses, marinas and eco theme parks which show up on every tourist pamphlet (and are, of course, well worth the visit), Playa del Carmen has taken further steps towards being modern and ahead of the game. Free wireless internet service is available in 5 of the city’s main parks; all you need is a laptop or cell phone with wireless capabilities, and you can make use of it (the network is “solidaridadenlinea” – “Solidaridad” is the official name of the municipality.)


There are also other social-focused services, such as a van which makes its rounds through the working-class neighborhoods, offering very low-priced (but professional) dental service ($ 5), inexpensive glasses and free haircuts. While Americans and Canadians living here will usually make use private medical services, this public service indicates a general care and investment into the city’s atmosphere.


In addition to the large expat community, Americans and Canadians will find a generally healthy reception among the local Mexicans, a point which has been helped by the positive lifestyle atmosphere which the municipality and private investors have worked to develop.

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