Polish Your Laptop Keyboard


Keyboard and mouse, as the cheapest parts of the laptop, still need special care. They have the value of the maintenance though. A keyboard if used properly can use a few years. My cousin’s Dell B130 Laptop Keyboard has been used for years. Thus, on the contrary, some can’t keep for a month. The maintenance of the keyboard is not a particularly complex process, just a little in the course of our attention; you can get benefit from it.

The first point is to turn off the power while you replace the keyboard. Often someone plugs in and out of the keyboard with the desktop on. That is really saving time but harmful to your computer. In fact, it’s easy to burn the circuit board.

Secondly, keyboard dust requires daily cleaning. That is to say, when you turn off your laptop, make sure to take a brush to have your keyboard a shower, or a soft cloth wipe each key on the keyboard. my cousin did this every night before he went to bed. That’s why his Dell B130 Laptop Keyboard always looks sparkling.

Thirdly, if you poured the water on the keyboard by accident, then immediately turn off the laptop, do not hesitate! Then, turn over the keyboard as possible. Next, use a hair dryer or a fan blowing against the surface of the keyboard, attention is to take the hair dryer set to cool air – do not bake the keyboard, only to dry. Afterwards, put the keyboard under the sunshine for a day or two. Then restart your laptop.

Fourthly, when you use your keyboard, do not tap with strong power. Especially you typing and playing games, due to excessive excitement, people prefer to tap heavily that often leads to the certain key out of control. So avoid play games on your laptop. if you do want to play games, get an extra keyboard as my cousin’s B130 Laptop Keyboard. He often use the  extra keyboard to play games and type materials.

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