Portable Displays For Local Travel

.tags When most people think about portable displays, they think about something that has to be shipped or brought on a plane. Yet many table top displays never even see an airport; some don’t even leave their home state. Many businesses choose to exhibit only at local fairs and conventions, and don’t need to concern themselves at all with the mechanics of safe transit for their booth. Even if the need for long-haul transport doesn’t exist, a table top display is useful for all types of circumstances.

The Unique Needs Of A Local Traveler

As someone who primarily drives to business appointments and conventions, you don’t have the limitations that frequent air travelers will face. You are not bound by weight restrictions on your cargo. You don’t have to pay per pound or per unit of cargo area. Instead, you are bound by the space restrictions in your car. To put it simply, your exhibit has to fit in your vehicle. If you are working alone, your exhibit also has to be light enough that one person can maneuver it. Beyond that, you have much more freedom compared with a company looking at transcontinental shipping.

Finding Portable Displays That Fit

Finding a successful table top exhibit for local use starts with the question of size. Consider both the size of your vehicle and the size of your exhibit space. Is it a standard ten-foot by ten-foot or eight-foot by eight-foot area? Or are you exhibiting at something less formal than a convention where space is more haphazard? If you aren’t purchasing for a specific convention, most recommend an exhibit for an eight-foot square space. Such an exhibit could fill a ten-foot square space if necessary, and an eight-foot square space perfectly.

After the main area is decided, you need to consider how different displays for trade shows can be packed. The most convenient type is the briefcase table top display or a pre-bagged unit. Both of these are great for traveling by car because they are very small. However, they’re also great because they can travel on a plane with ease.

Moving Large Displays For Trade Shows Locally

For many businesses, the convention circuit requires seriously compelling custom design, but doesn’t require that design to be shipped anywhere. If this describes your business, then the sky is virtually the limit on your designs. There is nothing to constrain you except what kind of vehicles you have available to move the finished product, and what space you’ll put it in at the exhibit. Many companies will choose to have an actual moving truck handle the displays for trade shows simply because they can be heavy and fragile, and the moving company has experience with this type of product.

Getting The Right Product for Your Business

Deciding on the exact exhibit details can be overwhelming during the beginning of the process. It is best to take things one step at a time, considering each question as it comes up and ensuring that you don’t get ahead of yourself. Double check important facts, like whether or not you’ll be able to fit the portable unit into your car, before you buy anything. If you’re thinking smart and considering before you choose, you’ll end up with great exhibits for all your local conventions.

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