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By lewishamdreamer on 2008-05-21 17:21:14
tags Postcard marketing is the direct mail marketing that is an effective way to contact existing clients and prospects of new clients. Postcard marketing is different from a letter in many ways and it is quite better than letter:

Postage is cheaper
No need to open an envelope – message is clearly and easily seen
Easier to work with than envelope, letter
Card stock is cheaper than paper

This strategy can generate walk in trade to your website and business. Through postcard marketing you can reach to unreachable consumers to get your company familiar with thousands of peoples.

Simple postcards cannot attract recipient’s attention. A gregarious and outlandish postcard can grab recipient’s attention. Bright colored, bold headline and a catchy message are the tools that can do magic with your postcards. Plain white simple postcard designs are just wastage of time and money.

Here are few ideas for postcard’s design;

1. Bright, bold colors such as neon colors for your postcard stock

2. Bold the particular information for consumer’s attention

3. Be direct, don’t waste time and space

4. Offer something value to your consumer on your postcard

Marketers can utilize postcard marketing for a variety of reasons such as an announcement of new product or service, introduction of new business or organization, to say thank you, to keep in touch with older clients or developing a prospects of new clients.

If you just rely on internet and mailing service to reach new and existing consumers, about 38% of households in United States will eliminate statistically. But actually you are eliminating 50 % to 75% of people who decides to buy a product for households.

But with the postcard direct marketing strategy you can definitely reach 100% of households in United States. This is the only strongest marketing campaign that allows you to reach 100% of households. Modern marketing strategies cannot do this magic.

You must try this marketing strategy for your business and get the highest response rates from your consumers. If you offer discounts, rewards, coupons to your customers with postcards they will likely to tell others about you and your business products and services.

Invite people to contact you, visit you or your website immediately for highest discount rates. This way you can boost your return on investment, sales leads and website traffic. Postcard marketing allows more and more people to get familiar with your company.

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