Potty Training English Bulldogs


When it comes to potty training English bulldogs, you should have a plan of action before you start. You should then employ this plan as soon as you bring your English bulldog home, in fact the sooner the better. Doing so will help your puppy to establish a routine right away and will make your job a little easier. To start your plan of action you should write down a schedule on paper so that you know what times you should take your puppy outside to go potty. This will greatly reduce the chances of your bulldog having an accident in the house.

Your potty training schedule should be set up so that you take your puppy out right after you wake up. You then may want to feed your puppy, followed by taking him out again about five to ten minutes after he is finished eating. You really should take a young puppy out every hour or two, as they have small bladders when they are young and cannot hold it for very long. You should then take him out after dinner and right before bedtime.

If you have to work during the day, you may find it easier to crate train your English bulldog. Crate training works well, but keep in mind that someone will need to let him out every few hours. This isn’t always easy to arrange, but should be done. Another thing you can do is use a baby gate to keep him in the kitchen, and put papers down on the floor. This works well if your own schedule is a bit hectic and you cannot let him outside to do his business.

Keep in mind that potty training English bulldogs takes time and patients, and you will have a few accidents that you will need to clean up. This should be expected and you should clean up any mess right away and deodorize the spot with a good pet deodorizer. You need to do this because your dog will smell his pee there, even if you can’t, and think this is where he should go to the bathroom.

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