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By bartb_pt on 2008-05-04 13:48:36
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Dont pout! You are not concerned about this? Think again. It might change your perspective on how you look at that. First of all, lets ask you a question. Which one do you prefer? Okay, let me guess. You are one aggressive businessperson who believes in the right investment (investment nonetheless!) and have always preferred the PPC marketing. On the other hand, you might be one small affiliate marketer, perhaps only starting out, and you have heard about the article marketing thingy. You want to try it out.
But have you ever really thought about whether what you are doing is right for your business or not, in the long run. Most of the internet marketers dont. I know that from personal experience. The people who struggle with a small budget get weeded out after some time. The ones who have a huge money investment backup can stick for some time, but seldom do they see the level of success that they want to have. Thats because they dont look back and learn!
In this article, we will look back at it and find out what is right and what is wrong.
Lets first talk about PPC marketing. You pay a few cents per click you get from some website or search engine results. You set up an account very easy and you can have your PPC ad live within a few minutes. Thats PPC marketing can be the ultimate source of INSTANT traffic.
But lets speak of article marketing now. The very first problem that people face is that they CANT write. If you are one of them and its definitely not an excuse, what do you do? You can hire any moderate ghostwriter who offers you around 500 words for $ 20. Lets say you get 100 articles up on any article directory. You can get almost 1000 clicks on an average per article. So, the total number of clicks is 100000.
The total investment is (100 x $ 20) = $ 2000.
So, the cost per click is ($ 2000/100000) = $ 0.02/click. Thats a very arbitrary stat that I have presented here. But go ask any well-established internet marketer who regularly uses article marketing. He will vouch for it. For any competitive keyword, do you think you can get some at the CPC of $ 0.02? Forget it.
Moreover, with every article, you are gaining backlinks, establishing your expertise in the market. In fact, article marketing is a sort of SEO campaign. Moreover, each article acts as a teaser to the actual product or service that you sell. PPC marketing lacks all of these facilities.
But when you are starting out and you need some FAST traffic, you cannot wait to write a certain number of articles to build backlinks and thus, come up in SERPs. In fact, if you build links too fast, you will be frowned upon by the Google. So, article marketing can only be a long-term campaign. PPC marketing shows you some instant popularity and money to give you that push to stick with the article marketing campaign.

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