Premature Balding And Hair Again


Many millions of men find that as they approach middle age (or even many years before) they begin to lose hair from their foreheads and crown. This premature or ‘male pattern’ baldness is for many men not a problem – it is simply considered a perfectly natural part of growing older, to be welcomed and embraced, just as many men who do not lose their hair embrace going grey.

For many men in their thirties and forties though, beginning to lose their hair is a rather distressing experience, and male pattern baldness is often associated with feelings of low self esteem, loss of confidence and even mild psychiatric disorders such as depression and anxiety.

For centuries the only option open to men in this position was to wear a toupee or other hairpiece to cover their pates, but many men today balk at such an idea, and with good reason. Even the best and most natural looking rugs can still appear slightly strange and comical.

More recent advances in micro-surgical techniques have made the option of hair transplants available to men who can afford them, but even these are not guaranteed to succeed and can be quite painful as well as very costly.

With a better understanding of what causes premature baldness came medications that can help to arrest and in some cases reverse the condition. Whilst some of these medications are effective, many of them have unwanted and rather unpleasant side effects such as feelings of nausea and headaches. Fortunately, there are some natural herbal ‘hair regrowth formulae’ that work in a similar way but with a reduced risk of unpleasant side effects, such as the product Hair Again.

Most male pattern baldness is caused by a build up of the testosterone metabolite di-hydro-testosterone, or DHT as it is called. It appears that men who suffer from premature baldness convert testosterone into DHT at too fast a rate, and are unable to eliminate DHT from their systems quickly enough. Over time, DHT binds to hair follicles, depriving them of the vital oxygen and nutrients they need to sustain their hair. This leads to a thinning of the hair and eventually death and loss of the hair and its follicle. Once a hair follicle has died it cannot be replaced.

Both prescription hair regrowth formulae and herbal hair regrowth formulae like Hair Again work by raising levels of free testosterone, speeding the rate at which DHT is eliminated and by preventing DHT from binding to hair follicles. Hair Again also contains ginseng and gotu kola extracts – herbs that are renowned for dilating the minor capillaries that supply the hair follicles of your scalp. This helps to ensure that each follicle gets the vital oxygen and nutrients it needs to remain healthy and sustain its hair fibre.

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