Premature Wrinkles and Fine Lines Need to Be Treated From the Inside Out


Wrinkling, whether we consider them premature wrinkles or not,is a part of becoming older that we must deal with. But do we have to accept them? Is there really a way of clearing wrinkles that works long term?

Actually there are effective treatments but to understand what we need we first need to know how things work. Usually in the battle against aging skin women choose from three options. Dermabrasion,laser surgery and chemical/acid peels Allowing for the discomfort,expense and poor results it is hard to see why these are so popular.

The results are really no better than their names suggest. At very best the procedure is uncomfortable,with the discomfort lasting for several days. Not to mention the ghastly color of our skin afterwards. The cure could be even worse than the problem!

The biggest problem of all is that these procedures are extremely expensive and the limited results are very short lived. Clearly this is not the answer to skin care problems in general never mind premature wrinkles. Obviously with aging our skin undergoes dramatic changes. The results of these changes are usually poor skin tone,age spots and in some cases the appearance of premature wrinkles.

This is the obvious effect but knowing what goes on behind the scenes is vital to knowing how to deal with our skin care problems. With the passing of time our body just cannot produce enough elastin and collagen to keep our skin vital. The loss of tautness or firmness is the first obvious sign.

Collagen and elastin production needs to be helped in order to maintain our skin. Another problem is the reduced production of Hyaluronic acid. This is vital for the growth and replenishment of skin cells. With lower levels of this acid our body cannot create enough new skin cells to replace the aging cells.

The result as we are painfully aware is older looking skin. A process known as oxidation through free radicals is the next issue we have to deal with. This is the interaction of molecules within our body and oxygen and can be very damaging to our skin. Just as untreated metals rust when left exposed to the air so does our skin suffer. The only real long term solution is the use of an all natural product that helps deal with all the issues mentioned. treating from the inside out.

The vast majority of brand names only treat the symptom and not the problem. They simply do not work in the long term as they are not dealing with the problem. add to this the fact that they very often contain harmful chemicals and it becomes even more clear as to why they are not the solution to premature wrinkles or any form of skin care. An effective cream will work by replenishing the skin with the tools it needs itself to combat the signs of aging.

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