Preparing For A Cesarean Section

.tags There are many different types of surgeries that you may have to undergo at some point. It is generally best if you can prepare yourself mentally, physically and emotionally for an upcoming surgery.

This is usually easier to do if the surgery is planned ahead. One surgery that may or may not be planned ahead is a cesarean section.

Many women expect to deliver their child in the normal, vaginal manner. However, things change at the hospital and they may find themselves being rushed into surgery.

While a normal, vaginal birth should be prepared for, a cesarean section should also be prepared for. If the cesarean section is planned ahead of time, there are several things you can do to prepare yourself for it.

The first thing you may want to do is talk to your obstetrician about what to expect. Talk to him or her about what the policies of the hospital are and what should happen during your cesarean section.

Be sure to ask about how long it will take you to recover and what the recovery process should be like. Ask how soon you will be able to hold your baby after it is delivered.

Some hospitals may allow you to hold your baby pretty much right away as long as you are awake. Other hospitals will not.

Another thing that may help you prepare for a cesarean section is attending the childbirth classes offered to you. Even though you know your baby will be born through cesarean section, your body is most likely still going through the motions to deliver vaginally.

It can be helpful to recognize what your body is doing. In addition, in most childbirth classes you will learn relaxation and breathing techniques that can help you stay calm during your surgery.

The surgical room can be disconcerting to some people with all of the equipment and bright lights. If you allow yourself to become uptight and worried about it, you will probably not enjoy the birth of your child as much.

By staying relaxed, you may enjoy the experience much more. Another thing that many mothers do not think about is that a cesarean section will make them stay in the hospital longer.

Many mothers only plan to stay for the typical one or two days associated with a normal vaginal birth. However, when things change and they go into cesarean section, they will be required to stay longer.

When this happens, the mother may send a friend or family member to pick up additional items from home because they only packed according to what they expected to happen. It is generally best to pack in case you end up needing a Cesarean section, even if you are planning on a normal birth.

Even though you will not have as large of a tummy anymore, you will probably not want to bring your pre-pregnancy clothes with you to the hospital to wear home. After a surgery, you will want to wear light, loose fitting clothes that will not bother your stomach.

If you are breast feeding, you will want to think about bringing button up shirts and nursing tops. Another convenience item that you will want to consider bringing is chapstick or lip gloss.

Many mothers seem to have dry lips after delivery, whether or not it is vaginal or surgical. It is also generally a good idea to bring your hair brush, lotion, and makeup so that you make yourself feel beautiful when guests come to see your new little one.

Other clothes that you decide to bring should be comfortable such as pants with soft waistbands, socks, and lose jackets. Some mothers find that hospitals are kept unnaturally chilly.

Another thing you probably want to think about before a possible cesarean section is what kind of anesthesia you would like to take. Some mothers prefer to be awake so they can hear their baby’s first cries while others prefer to avoid remembering the experience of the surgery altogether.

Even if you choose to be awake, you should feel tugging, but you should not feel pain. When the baby is born, your partner may go with the baby to help with the newborn procedures in some hospitals.

If this happens, you may want someone else to be with you while your tummy is being sewn up and so forth. This is something that you will need to think about ahead of time if you want it to happen.

When you can wiggle your toes it means that the anesthesia is wearing off. After that, the doctor will probably move you to recovery where you will probably be allowed to hold your baby for the first time.

As the anesthesia starts wearing off you will probably begin to feel some pain. It is okay to ask for pain medication at this point generally.

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