Prevention And Control Of Hypertension From Start To Lose Weight

{flickr|100|campaign} Overweight, obesity is a major risk factor for hypertension. At the same time, good control of hypertension in patients with body weight, helps to better blood pressure lowering. Experts said China now has more than 200 million hypertensive patients, some of them sick patients with hypertension do not know if these people do not pay attention to control blood pressure, are prone to stroke and other accidents.

First, stroke, accidents and more holidays
Holidays, we have a lot of time to do things such as: wine bug some people unbearable temptation, entertainment, food is too greasy and so on. Therefore, there have been many sudden slurred speech, blurred speech, physical partial paralysis, vision problems, dizziness, headache and has been vomiting, had occurred a “mini-stroke.” Moreover, with the cold weather, cold weather comes, there will be a peak in stroke patients.
Survey: 70 stroke patients over the age of the most common, many of whom have high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood lipids underlying diseases, the festival of a tired, do not pay attention to diet and rest, to appear physically slow, confusion, can not speak symptoms of a stroke because they occurred many times, was immediately taken to hospital by his family. In our daily life, for their own health, you do not drink as much as possible, eat too much, but also to lose weight, high blood pressure in time to come down. Cerebral infarction in stroke patients Bacheng is, that is, block the blood vessels led to cerebral ischemia and thrombosis, both as a cerebral vascular hemorrhage. The immediate cause of stroke, hardening of blood vessels and thrombosis. Arteriosclerosis and hypertension was the most dangerous factors.

Second, control blood pressure but also to check the heart, brain and kidney
In fact, hypertension is not only a risk factor for stroke, but also damage the heart, brain and kidney and other vital organs, which led to cardio-cerebral vascular accident, or even uremia. Three percent of patients with uremia disaster from hypertension. Therefore, the experts say, attention to regular checks of blood pressure, early diagnosis of hypertension for the prevention of these diseases is important.
Expert advice: After 50 years of age should at least check once a year blood pressure, family history of hypertension, blood pressure should check in advance. “Holiday eating and drinking, drink more, tired, late at night, mood swings most likely to cause fluctuations in blood pressure.” Blood pressure will cause heart, brain and kidney damage, such as cardiac enlargement, myocardial hypertrophy, cerebral arteriosclerosis, etc., was drunk most likely to lead to a sharp increase in blood pressure. When blood pressure, or dizziness, stretching to the hospital in time when.
After treatment, diagnosis of hypertension but also regular physical examination, the ultimate aim of the treatment of hypertension overall reduction in the risk of cardiovascular events. Therefore, control of blood pressure even if the drug should pay attention to regularly check the heart, brain and kidney and other organs of the situation.

Third, the more fat the more easy to get high blood pressure
Factors that affect blood pressure how would you order? First, salt and smoke, followed by obesity and high blood cholesterol and, finally, genetic and environmental factors. Therefore, anti-hypertension should start with these risk factors. Closely related to body weight and blood pressure, overweight, obesity is a major risk factor for hypertension. At the same time, good control of hypertension in patients with body weight, helps to better blood pressure lowering. Studies show that overweight and obese people than normal-weight risk of hypertension 3 times larger. For patients with hypertension and obesity, the weight of even just a little bit lower, for the prevention and treatment of disease will have a significant impact.

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