Probing Poker Face Lady Gaga’s Parfum

I’ve been waiting for Poker Face diva Lady Gaga to announce that she will also be joining the band wagon of famous personalities who incorporate their names with their own line of scents and perfumes for such a long time. Now that this lady has, I don’t think I would even want to have a drop of the crazy perfume scent that she would be coming up with, as per a close source to the singer had announced a yew days ago. Initially, I thought that Lady Gaga might want to consider a scent that would remind us all of Las Vegas, poker chips, candies, crystals, disco balls, disco sticks or even bubble soaps. Little did I expect that she would want to have a perfume with hints of bodily fluids.

I think it would be gross to put on a perfume that has the scent of sweat, vomit, pee, mucous or something like that. Who would have thought that Lady gaga wouldn’t even consider these body fluids to start with. Sources close to the singer said Lady Gaga wanted a perfume with hints of blood and semen in it. Gross! As if someone wants to smell like blood or far more, semen!! I think that is a little too pervert! Well anyway, expect the gaga perfume to be the next front page item which will surely stir a great deal of controversy. She definitely knows how to make up a scene, doesn’t she?

Before the press release of the scent that Lady Gaga will be coming up with soon, I was hoping that she would not make it smell like raw meat just like what she wore during the MTV awards last year. However, blood and semen on your perfume is far worse. I would have lived with the raw meat idea. There will be no blood and semen on my perfume collection. Both smell slimy and gross to begin with. Are we vampires and perverts all at the same time or is it just Lady Gaga who finds the idea sensational. I don’t think we should even sensationalize this issue because that is surely what her publicists want.

Let’s just hope that she does not think of more crazy ideas such as Lady Gaga snacks which may have hints of blood and semen as well. That would be utterly gross. On the other hand, maybe there is a separate market for those kinds of snack. Vampires, perverts and maniacs would definitely fill their shopping carts with Lady Gaga blood crackers and Lady gaga semen jelly cups! Double gross!!!

I used to love her songs but as soon as things got a bit more out of hand when she went a little too far, I started getting her away from my system. It was a bit hard but I was able to successfully get rid of her. I can only speak for myself because this is what I believe in. Generally speaking, Lady Gaga makes beautiful music with really catchy tunes and lyrics that one will find interestingly different and the next thing you know, you are humming to the tune of “Bad Romance” by yourself. Melania Trump … before she was first lady-in-waiting

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