Protocols for Health Care System in J&k State


Protocols for Health care system in J&K state

“Honest toil is holy service; faithful work is praise and prayer” – Henry Van Dyke

Hospitals are next to temples for patients and the people behind them. Doctors and other experts are next to God for them. This can be easily realized when we watch people rushing a serious patient towards a Hospital or watch the reaction and approach of attendants when their patient is examined by a Doctor and a briefing about the patient’s condition is being given to them.

There is a need of defining Protocols for Health Care System. Patients, attendants and casual visitors are no exception. Protocols are to be framed for Doctors, nurses and other medical staff, Patients, attendants and casual visitors. A health care service is a service like any other services in business, but it has a great importance in all respects and needs much attention. Some people voluntarily jump into this service to serve mankind. People voluntarily donate blood and provide other services.

 Let us talk about our Hospitals and Health Care in J&K state. More often we witness the cases of medical staff particularly Doctors and Nurses beaten-up by the attendants of the patients and general public and Doctors and /nurses observing strike in protest. Some times there are incidents of deaths cases caused due to the negligence of the medical staff. But who is actually responsible for all this? Who is to be blamed when a Doctor is beaten–up by mob for no reasons? A highway hospital or a small health centre having only one doctor with limited infrastructure can’t do anything better than providing first-aid and shifting the patient to main hospital. But there is other side of the picture too. What is the answer to the people when they find staff missing from the Hospital and sometimes loose precious life on this account? Every thing ultimately boils down to Hospital administration. A person in the Health care system of our state knows his duties and responsibilities very briefly but the definition of the duties at each level and their implementation is very important and needs much attention of the Administrators of the system.


In this world of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) people talk of e-health, Telemedicine, Networking of Hospitals etc and most the states in our country are very well advance in these areas . But what is the future of our state in this regard. If we have to improve our Health Care System by using modern technologies, we have to create a platform for that. Infrastructure, technology and trained manpower are not the only requirements. People in the system and beneficiaries need discipline, dedication which is possible only when we have protocols defined for all of them. A Doctor treating a patient uses both knowledge and technology. But the kind of environment is equally important. Today we have a number of State and Central Govt Schemes associated with health care and awareness programmes operative in our state, but to implement them properly and have effective results, each person in the system should know his/her duties, accountability and responsibilities. Who has to report to whom and who will watch the activities and performance of whom needs to be clearly mentioned.

Protocols:  Protocols are a set of rules defined for effective performance of duties. It is expected that all the people directly or indirectly involved with Health care system have thorough understanding of protocols set for them.

Protocols include the following:

? Duties and responsibilities of all the people in the system.

§ Towards Hospital

§ Towards patients

§ Towards attendants

§ Towards other colleagues of the Hospital


§ In case of emergency

? Duties and responsibilities of the patient

§ Towards  Hospital administration

§ Towards  staff

§ For maintaining neat and clean environment

§ For maintaining Character of a good citizen

? Duties and responsibilities of the Attendants and other casual visitors

§ Towards the Hospital administration

§ Towards  staff

§ For maintaining neat and clean environment

§ For observing  of visiting hours and other schedules

Who will define protocols?

A committee consisting of senior doctors, Administrators or any other experts identified by the authorities . The committee should also recommend its suggestions for effective implementation of the protocols and performance measures.

Who are the beneficiaries?

People from all walks of life will get benefited if our Health Care system works as it should be under a proper set of procedures. Implementation of new technologies will happen to be uncomplicated. A high-quality system will be a focus not only for our own experts serving outside the state but also for experts of other areas too. It will reduce brain drain of our state as well.

.Patients will get better medical and nursing care. They will find a neat and clean environment in the Hospital.

.Attendants attending the patient will have to least bother about nursing care and other issues.

.Hospital Authorities will be able to perform better and most of the common problem faced by them will be alleviated.

.Doctors and Nurses will get viable environment to discharge their duties efficiently and competently.

and many more……….

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