Push Notifications: A Mobile Marketing Guide to Sending Better Push | Pulsate Academy

Push Notifications: A Mobile Marketing Guide to Sending Better Push | Pulsate Academy
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This episode of Pulsate Academy covers everything you need to know about push notifications and how you can use them to reach out and engage with customers in real time.

Push notifications are a great way to engage users. They’re free, they’re effective and when done right can really boost conversions in your mobile app and fulfill your goals.

In today’s episode we will answer:

0:52 What content should I send to my app users?
Discover why users open your push notifications and monitor what events they complete next.

1:19 How can I Uncover Key Behaviors?
Learn how to effectively measure a campaign and why analytics are so important when implementing push notifications.

2:12 How can different time zones affect your open rates?
Understand the importance of location,demographics and time zones and how the frequency of push notifications can affect your mobile marketing strategy.

4:12 What are the best practices to get app users to accept push notifications?
We discuss privacy concerns and how to ensure your app users accept push notification on their device.

8:46 What happens after a push notification is opened by a user?
Did you know that you can add a destination to your push notification that leads users to rich media content, deep links or web URL’s?

11:20 How can push notifications increase customer loyalty?
We show the different ways of using push notifications to boost loyalty to your business.

12:29 What type of conversions do push notifications satisfy?
We delve into whether or not app users complete the goal of a push notification, who are at risk of abandoning your app or how frequently your app is opened.

What are your thoughts? Do you use Push notifications or receive them? We would love to hear from you, so type in the comments below.
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About Pulsate

Pulsate is an All-in-One mobile marketing growth stack used by leading mobile marketers to drive sales from their app, increase user engagement and deliver experiences to build brand loyalty.


Pulsate’s Mobile Marketing Growth Stack Include:

Pulsate Engage™
See, segment and send content to app users using push notifications, in-app notifications or email.

Pulsate Converse™
Customer support teams use Pulsate’s live chat feature to answer questions and respond to user feedback.

Pulsate Locate™
Message app users in real-world locations using Geofencing and Beacon signals.

Pulsate Analyze™
Get real-time insights into customer app behavior, purchasing patterns, app usage and top content.

Pulsate Connect™ (Beta)
Connect, share and stream mobile app data and events between a range of third party platforms and APIs to build smarter omni-channel experiences.

Pulsate Predict™ (Beta)
Predict the likelihood of when certain users will spend, churn or return in your app.

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