Questions To Ask Before Choosing Any Weight Loss Program


1.  Find out if weight loss program address motivation and positive thinking?  Our mind plays an important role in determining whether a program is successful. If you think positively, you will have positive results. Negative? You will get negative results if you believe you can’t.

2.  What is your goal? Have realistic goals. Losing more than 2-3 pounds a week can be dangerous. It won’t work. You should have realistic goals that you think you can follow. Ask questions like how can you benefit when losing x amount of weight in the coming years, make you healthier. What do you want to be able to accomplish by the time the weight’s off?

3.  What is my ideal weight? Before starting any program, you should find out what is your ideal weight based on height and bone structure. There are various online indicators that you can use to obtain this number. Do remember losing weight is not an overnight process; you have to set up realistic goals. Set up a goal for 6 months.

4.  How can a person incorporate healthy eating and physical exercise? If a person wants to reduce weight he has to shift to healthy food habits and also do exercise regularly throughout his life. The reason why a person is overweight is because he has too many unhealthy choices in his life. Eating right and exercising regularly will help you lose weight and also stay fit. If you start eating fruits and vegetables, you will begin losing weight and stay healthier. Exercise is also very important for any weight loss program, and very important for your body overall.

5.  Many obesity people have this question in mind should they consult a doctor? If you are critically obese, it could be important. If you exercise properly and eat healthy food you will reduce weight.

6.  If you are planning to join a weight loss program. Find out if one-on-one counseling is involved. Can you ask questions from people who really know? Do you have to follow a strict meal plan? Is there instruction for physical exercise, does it follow a plan and will it help you be more active?

7.  Find out how much does it cost? Does it include everything you need to get started? Are medical tests involved or attendance charges.  

8.  Are any risks associated with this program? You should know how the program can hurt you and take precautions. You should consult a doctor to find out how to lose weight.

9.  Find out how much did other participants typically reduce? Are other people doing well? Also find out whether other participants were able to maintain their weight even after the program was over. Find out what to expect from the program, and not just from their propaganda; ask around.

10.  Are people referring this program? Referrals are the best way to find out the success of a program. There are a bunch of people who would have attended the program and they would have told their friends and family about it, you could see the results with your eyes. It’s a legitimate program that works for a lot of people.

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