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By Kelly apple dumplin on 2011-06-06 10:32:14

The interest in raw food health is growing. What do I mean by “raw food health?” Simply that amazing positive changes in health can often be achieved when one turns to a diet that consists mostly of raw vegetables and fruits.

Is there any evidence of this? There sure is.

Disease happens inside the human body for various reasons. There are causes for disease. And the cause just may be with the foods we’re eating.

I’ve been privileged to discover the human body can often rid itself of much disease … in an almost miraculous way. If you know anyone who is now battling disease then there is hope … in the same way there was hope for tens of thousands of individuals who found out the same thing I did.

Somewhere back in the mid-1990s, my mother-in-law came to our house for a visit. She set a magazine in front of me about health and nutrition and said she was amazed by its contents, especially the testimonials.

Apparently, individuals in the magazine claimed they were totally healed from all types of diseases, including things like cancer, diabetes, lupus and severe arthritis … after simply changing their diet.

“Uh Huh,” I thought to myself. “Sure they were. It’s nothing more than quackery, except this form of delusion was coming under the guise of nutrition instead of some ‘magic potion’ sold inside a bottle.”

Since I’d always thought myself to be a healthy eater I perused the reading material out of curiosity … especially the stories. What I read almost seemed fictional, especially considering the severity of the diseases, depth of sicknesses and reported miraculous healings.

There were some things within the material, however, that seemed plausible. For instance, the notion a person’s immune system could be suppressed because of poor nutrition, which could then lead to sickness.

Accepting that idea, however, opened the door for more questions: Could a proper diet cause a person’s immune system to begin functioning at an optimal level? Could the diseased condition then be reversed if it were brought about by poor nutrition or a suppressed immune system?

My initial skepticism about the material was taken over by thoughts of theoretical plausibility. The stories in the magazine certainly conveyed a hint of truthfulness in them. There did seem to be some evidence (at least on the surface) that there may be more of a connection between diet and disease than most people — myself included – ever considered.

At the very least, this magazine offered some interesting ideas to consider. I couldn’t help but think to myself how great it would be if there was some degree of genuineness within its pages.

How wonderful it would be if tens of thousands of individuals now sick with terrible diseases could get well … simply by changing from their present diet to one that consisted primarily of raw “living” foods!

My interest in raw food health has continued to grow in recent years. Eventually I was moved to interview people who had experienced the type of jaw-dropping health change that often comes with the adoption of a raw diet. While there is no uniformity of agreement among health professionals on this, or any other, subject. It’s hard to argue with the testimonies of individuals who have experienced the truth of raw food health in their own lives.

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