Ray D’Arcy On *That* Pamela Anderson Interview

Ray D’Arcy On *That* Pamela Anderson Interview

When Ray D’Arcy popped in TheJournal.ie HQ, weo took the opportunity to (lightly) grill the presenter about the times he and his show have landed in the headlines, or kicked off one of those increasingly frequent ‘Twitter storms’ over the last 12 months.

There was the time he observed to guest Pamela Anderson “there you are on your knees in front of the Prince of Montenegro” as a photo of the actress receiving a knighthood was shown. He made a few other clunky references to her sex symbol status in the course of that interview, too – prompting 23 people to lodge complaints with RTÉ.

“We live in a world where people get indignant on other people’s behalf,” D’Arcy responded, when asked if he’d approach the interview differently today, given the chance: http://jrnl.ie/2991312

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