Razor Elcetric Scooters

.tags Your sons birthday is around the corner and youre still looking for the perfect gift to present him? You can make his birthday the best one so far by gifting him an attractive Razor electric scooter.

Razor electric scooters are the ultimate fun scooters available for kids. The e100 range of Razor electric scooters can reach speeds up to 10 mph. with the chain driven motor and the grip throttle; kids can ride the e100 for over 40 minutes. The e100 is available for both boys and girls in a variety of colors including sweet pea, pink, red and green. The best features of these scooters are probably the attractive colors and graphics. The scooter can be easily started by an initial manual kickoff before the trigger engages the motor. Using the hand-operated front brake, the scooter can be easily made to halt. An advanced model is available which has a detachable seat on which the rider can sit for a more comfortable ride. Available in pink and purple colors, the Razor pocket mod electric scooter is the perfect ride for girls on the go.

The rocket pocket mod sweet pea scooter customized in pink with stylish decals, attractive handlebar streamers and a sporty bell. Besides being a stylish scooter, the Razor pocket mod is a high performance machine capable of delivering speeds up to 15 mph for a continuous long ride up to 10 miles. The design is such that it is capable of carrying riders weighing up to 170 lbs. The Razor pocket mod also features a storage compartment under the seat. The Razor pocket mod Betty is a model that comes in an attractive purple color with a flare for the retro. Having a Vespa scooter design, the Razor pocket mod Betty is a cunning mix of style and utility.

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