Real Healthcare Reform Must Have Health As the Primary Goal – Support a Vegetarian Lifestyle


Today in our quest for becoming a vegetarian, I am going to discuss the “macro” side of health care. You as an individual are the “micro” and by eating vegetarian can not only impact your own health care but contribute to improving the “macro” or our nation’s health care crisis. This can be done by becoming healthier and having less need of the failing “Health Care System”. One of my “heroes” in the quest to help people become vegetarian is a famous Doctor and wife team who have taught me all about being vegetarian and who has been battling this cause for several decades. The have written books, numerous articles on the subject and even tried to face “city hall”, i.e. the insurance companies, the government and lobbyists. I want to summarize a very “terrifying” reality of why yours and my health is controlled by a “system” that is out of control and really doesn’t care about your health.

This noteworthy vegetarian doctor wrote that he had created a program with prepared portfolios and scientific articles showing how a low-fat, starch-based (vegetarian) diet worked better than traditional treatments for most chronic ailments. He had evidence how a vegetarian lifestyle would stop chest pain (angina) in people with coronary artery disease and reverse their underlying atherosclerosis. He further demonstrated through multiple studies the failure of bypass surgery to save lives in the vast majority of people. He showed financial figures where diet-therapy would cost $ 5,000 versus bypass surgery $ 45,000 (assuming the bypass surgery didn’t have complications, otherwise, $ 45,000 was ultra conservative). Expecting a favorable response from the representatives of the Health Care companies he showed this information to, was he in for a surprise. The first reply was from a claims manager, “We’re not interested; this is not the kind of program we can include in our coverage.” The Doctor asked, “Why?” The claims manager replied, “In order to stop the chest pains by your methods you have to get the patients’ cooperation; patients must change their diets, and I don’t believe they will. For the bypass surgeon to stop the chest pains all he has to do is get the patient to lie down on the operating room table. No will power necessary.” The Doctor pressed on with his arguments. “But there are some patients who would much rather eat oatmeal, minestrone soup, and bean burritos and go for a daily walk, than expose the inside of their chest to stale operating room air, and risk death and brain damage. Don’t you think they should be given an option, especially with the savings for your company?” He went back and forth until the Doctor realized he was “barking up the wrong tree”. The claims manager made his position irrefutably clear when he said, “You don’t get it, Doctor, and you don’t understand the business. We take a piece of the pie and the bigger the pie the more we get.”

So when a Doctor has irrefutable evidence that a vegetarian lifestyle can fix a critical area of the Health Care system and his argument falls on deaf ears, you might ask, “Is there any hope?” The answer is “Yes” and it is up to you and me as individuals to take a stand. Few of us dare imagine that by the way we live our lives we can affect the greater course of events. But each of us does create an impact by how we act. When we make a statement by how we live and eat, we set an example that radiates outward. When you and I ask that our food be natural, nourishing, and consistent for the wellness of our body and the wholeness of our spirit, we are taking an important step toward a long and healthy life but we are doing something more as well. We are rebelling against the Agri-Business of Fast Food of the world and helping to create a healthier future for our children, grandchildren and generations to come.

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