Recipes for Heart Shaped Desserts and Treats


Food decorating, especially for sweets, can make them look very delicious and appetizing. Whether it is the shape of the food, the sprinkles on top, or even just the packaging, a good-looking dessert makes your sweet tooth ask for more. For years, chefs and pastry chefs have developed so many ways on how to make food look good and taste better as well. They use the best ingredients themselves, use different colorings and topping, and place them in special packaging all to achieve that one goal – to make food look as sumptuous as it can be.


Food served at restaurants and sometimes even at fast food places follows this principle. You can get your food served with garnishing on the sides or plated in a very special way. However, you can do the same kind of preparation and decoration at home with a few simple tricks.


For your desserts, why not pour your heart into it and let it show, literally? You can make desserts and sweets cut out into heart shapes for that extra special look. Both the kids and adults can enjoy these heart-shaped goodie recipes:


For a Heart-Shaped Cake:

Make your cake as you normally would. Using either a large round or square cake pan, pour ready to use cake mix or use the special recipe that you have. We suggest the use of a chiffon cake instead of other moist or gooey cake recipe as chiffon will be much easier to mold later on. After baking, let the cake rest and cool. After the cake has rested, cut it into a heart shape and discard the outer edges. Cover the cake with frosting and top it with candy sprinkles, nuts, cherries, chocolate, or whatever cake decoration you desire.


For Gelatin Hearts:

Mix one pack of your favorite gelatin flavor with two cups of hot water. Pour this mixture into a shallow dish no higher than an inch. For the mixture, do not go all the way to edge of the pan but rather fill it up halfway up to just half an inch thick. Place the dish in the chiller for it to firm. After the gelatin has firmed up (time varies depending on the package instructions), use a heart shaped cookie cutter to create the heart-shaped gelatin. Place the gelatins in a heart shaped plate or pan before serving.


If you know the basics of baking or of preparing desserts, these sweets are very easy to prepare and it takes just a few minutes to make. You can impress your family and friends with these delectable looking treats that you can serve to them no matter what the occasion is. Recipes from the heart will truly show through its taste, and goodies that are heart-shaped will also show the love you want to send in a very obvious way. But most of all, make your recipe as special as it can be by using great recipes that everyone will truly love, whether for cakes or gelatins. Remember that after all, the taste and flavor will really matter.

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