Referendum Issue for Constitution


The recent hot issue in Thailand nowadays is about Referendum for the new charter of Thailand. After the temporary draft which announced by the Council for National Security, revolution group in 2007. Most of people are against them and accused they want the power in their hand and was going to practice dictatorship. So, they was in hurry to appoint legislature of constitutional drafting.

Afterward, the constitution have been pass the processes until it completely replete. Before this term, people had against in many issue in the new charter such as to insert Buddhism for the formal religion of Thailand, reduce the number of people who want to submit legal drafting, add more access for people who effected from the wrongdoing of the government’s officer.

In my opinion, the law always good for every one but it depends on the user no matter lawyer, politician, judge or jury. Any person who get involve the law in their profession must be honest and dignified. So, the message of the law is 60% important and another important factor is 40% of the user.

However, most of people in Thailand do not want to accept this constitution as a result of revolution. They think this draft come from the Council for National Security which is the group of people who was did a revolution. But most of them do not know that if they will not accept the Council for National Security has rights to announce their own constitution and use it. That will be a real charter which the people against as well.

So, I would like to accept this constitution to let my country more stable. I need honest politicians in my democracy country. I study at law school now, and I want to see my country grows up in the real democracy border. I hope everything will be better on 19th August 2007, fair vote of real democratic people.

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