Relationship Marketing Made Simple


If you want to maximize relationshp marketing, then you’ll need to give your customers a very good reason to trust you and continue to have that trust. It will take some time before your new customers actually start to see the advantage of buying from you, but eventually you’ll be able to give them what they want with effective relationship marketing. Given below are 3 useful relationship marketing tips that will help you out with your venture.

If you have not already put something in place, you really need to find a way to keep in regular contact with your customer base. Some businesses only make a one-time sale and that is it, so it all depends; but try perhaps to have a newsletter that you can send as a means to update or really just stay in contact. You can even send them industry news that could apply to them, again, it depends on your business. We’ve seen lots of offline businesses ask for email addresses so they can send us notices of sales going on, etc.

Think about sending your customers a post card, and that can be done around any applicable holiday, or you can inform them of special deals, etc. These are easy ways to help them to remember you next time they need the service or product you supply. It will make a positive impact if you honestly do have some small amount of care about your customers’ problems, or concerns as it relates to your relationship with them. Ask questions because it will give you some real clarity. You want to know about their problems as it concerns what you provide, and then perhaps you can create a solution that will help them.

This is good relationship marketing, and believe it or not but people tend to remember the little things like that. You want people to start to lower their resistance to you and your business messages, and that is one way to help achieve that.

Last, don’t forget that word of mouth promotions are very essential for your business and it can do a lot to get your products seen in the best available light. Provide a type of bonus to your customers and ask them to let other customers know about your company. This will help you achieve two things – first, you’ll get more leads/sales because of the increased marketing efforts from your customer’s side.

Second, you will have the ability to make stronger customer bonds when your give them thanks for producing sales for you.

You must use relationship marketing to help your business grow if you want your business to live up to its full potential. Make sure your customers are happy and they will help keep you in business.

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