Remodeling Advise For The Home Owner

.tags Remodeling or updating a home is a major investment. People often consider renovations if they are in the following circumstances. Their house is too crowded, but they can’t afford, or don’t want to move. They are interested in selling their home, but think it needs an update to be competitive in the market. They simply want a change. Does any of this sound like your situation? I’m a professional home remodeling contractor in Atlanta. I’ve seen all the situations above, and have some advise on remodeling in general.

If you want to make an expansion, first make your plans. Adding an extra room takes a lot of work, inconvenience for the homeowner, and cost. However, an addition will be cost less than moving, and you have the advantage of making it uniquely yours. So start with the basics. Ask yourself what you hope to accomplish with this expansion. Look at the best place to put that extra room, or the best wall to move, to satisfy your needs. Often, you will need to find your home’s blueprints, and hire an architect to advise you. You don’t want to damage the structural integrity of your house. Once you have your plan, down to the new color scheme, then it’s time to call a reputable contractor for a quote.

If want to help your home sell, first count the cost. Since the market is slow in Atlanta, think about how much your remodel will cost, and how much you hope to recover when you sell. Is it more economical to lower your selling price? Talking to your realtor, or financial consultant, about the advantages of home remodeling can help you decide the best course to take. If you do decide on renovation, come up with a strict, but realistic, budget. Look for contractors that can meet your needs at your price. This may take some time.

If your house needs a little updating, first do a little research. Consider taking a course in interior design, so that you can have the best plan possible. At the very least, make some sketches of how you want the area to look. This will help you when talking to a professional about your home remodeling ideas. If it’s a specialized task, such as a kitchen update, look for someone who is qualified for the job.

In any home remodeling project, remember that it will probably take longer, and cost more than you think. Coming up with a game plan will help lower the stress, and make your renovation as rewarding as you envisioned.

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