Residential Changes in Lifestyle Mean We Are Using 55% More Water Now Than We Did 25 Years Ago


Residential changes in lifestyle mean we are using 55% more water now than we did 25 years ago.

Taps and mixers;

Click cartridge technology can save over 5,000 litres of water per year in an familiar bathroom.

Click technology gives you easy control over how much water you want to employ. The user lifts the lever until they feel a simple resistance. This indicates that the fitting is using 50% of its flow. Applying greater pressure results in a click giving 100% flow.

Ceramic disc cartridges;
Apart from being annoying, a dripping tap can debris a lot of water over a period of time. Taps with ceramic disc cartridge fight water with impeccable authenticity. The ceramic disc is acutely durable and eliminates the waste of a dripping tap. A dripping tap that wastes 1 litre of water per hour is the equivalent of wasting 1460 full WC flushes a year.

Flow restrictors;
Fitting a water restrictor allows you to control the amount of water a tap uses. Water usage is immovable by water pressure and the size of valve in the tap. So where you have predominantly high pressure a tap could be delivering many unnecessary litres of water per minute. Our mixer tap restrictor is developed to offer you a maximum of 6 litres of water per minute up to a pressure of 3 bar. The restrictor is screwed onto the tap outlet and has an airated nozzle. This gives the user a fine airated spray of water – both softer to the hand and premium for swiftly lathering with soap.


Using our banal flush technology can save you over 25% of the water used against a standard 6 litre cistern.

Dual flushing; Because you don’t always necessitate a full flush each time you go to the toilet, all Ideal Standard and Armitage Shanks push button muggy paired WCs have twofold flush cisterns as standard. These cisterns have two buttons – the small button delivers 4 litres for a short flush, the large button delivers 6 litres for a long flush. This saves over 25% of water vs a 6 litre cistern. ecological Agency analyze indicates that the common domestic toilet is used 5 times a day, with 4 uses requiring a short flush and 1 utilise requiring a long flush. Water reduction cisterns Flushing with a smaller cistern is one of the most serviceable ways of reduction water. current water regulations require WCs to flush on a maximum of 6 litres. However over 60% of WCs installed in the uk inanimate have cisterns that flush on 7.5, 9, 11 or even 13 litres. By installing a 6 litre WC and cistern you could save anything from 20% to 50% of water per year. up-to-the-minute delayed flush cisterns To assure maximum savings we have developed delayed flush cisterns. This technology prevents the cistern from filling with water before the flush is complete, guaranteeing no further water is wasted. This is particularly appropriate in high water pressure situations.

Baths and showers;

Showering and bathing accounts for around 20% of the water we use.

Low capacity baths;

Baths come in many shapes and sizes. Typically an average Ideal Standard 1700 x 700mm bath will grip between 175 and 210 litres of water to the overflow. The Alto water reduction bath only requirements 149 litres of water to the overflow. That saves 15-28% of water. Of course to have a glorious bath you only require to fill the bath approximately 2 thirds beneath the overflow, allowing for conventional adult displacement of water.

Shower baths;

Where space is limited, shower baths are designed to grant you to have a shower and a bath in the same area. These have a double water reduction benefit. The opportunity to have a water economy shower combined with a low capacity bath.


Taking a shower often saves water compared to having a bath. Water usage is dependent on the type of shower (e.g. characteristic vs power), water pressure, size of valve and the length of time in the shower. Some showers utilize a high volume of water – anything from 10 to more than 30 litres of water per minute. One way to save water whilst keeping the benefits of a tremendous shower is to fit a shower restrictor. Our restrictor is designed to give you a maximum of 9 litres of water per minute up to a pressure of 3 bar (Note you necessitate a minimum pressure of 0.3 bar to fulfill 9 litres per minute). The restrictor is fitted between the shower valve and the shower hose set. We only recommend using this restrictor with Trevi or Ideal Standard Showers and they are not suitable for utilize with Trevi Boost.

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