Retiring To The Suburbs In London

.tags Deciding where your dream place to retire to is one that takes a lot of careful consideration at this stage of your life. As moving house is such a big step, and it is especially more of a strain for older people it is important that you get it right. Many people will want to remain close to their family and friends, but perhaps look for a slightly quieter life than they have been living, therefore the suburbs is the ideal spot.

The process of planning, if done correctly can be relativity stress free. First of all, if you have chosen the house where you want to move to you must make sure before you finalize anything that it is in good condition. There are three types of survey that can be done on your house so it is important that you choose the one that is needed for that particular property. You should also choose a surveyor that is local to your area as they will be aware of common faults that can occur in particular buildings, therefore hiring London surveyors is definitely the best move for moving to a London suburb.

The three types of surveys are:

A basic valuation – Your mortgage lender will require that you have this done, so it is necessary when buying any new house.

A Home-Buyers Survey – This is recommended for houses aged between 50-75 years old and goes much more detail that the basic valuation. London surveyors will report on all visible parts of the property, for example the roof- They will also advise if the next level of survey is needed.

A Building Survey – This is the most comprehensive level that London surveyors will perform and is recommended for buildings over 75 years old. As this is a much more detailed report you may have to wait up to 2 weeks for the results, therefore it is best to research and get in touch with London surveyors well in advance.

Once the London surveyors have finished the assessment on the property they will advise if there are any problems, or if the value of the property should change at all before the final purchase goes through. At this point you will hopefully get the go-ahead and you can start looking into other services that you will need to help with your move.

Hiring a good removals company will be essential for making your retirement move a success, many companies will offer to do the whole process from packing to transporting everything to the new place. With the best London surveyors and London removals company, the beginning of your retirement era should be smooth and stress free!

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