Returning To God’s Road Straight & Narrow


Returning To God’s Road Straight & Narrow

God’s will is not hard. We humans and Satan’s world makes God’s will hard. Let’s review God’s will:

1) Keep one’s mind, heart, spirit and emotions on God- Our world is full of sinful propaganda. It’s true that we all have sins to work on. Yet we must not use this as an excuse to support this ungodly world above God’s Way (1 John 2:15-17). If our mind is on this world we may be pulled way from God (John 17:3-17; Matthew 4:1-10; 1 John 2:15-17). I now use the Internet to listen to Bible base (Chrisitan) information as much as possible.

2) Regularly study the Bible-God’s Holy Spirit is in the Bible. Your New Christian Personality will be strengthened with regular Bible Study. Bible Study includes reading, studying, asking quesions, applying the information to your life, and meditating on what you are learning (Psalm 119). You can also use the Internet to prove to yourself the truthfulness of the Bible. During persecution, memory of Bible scriptures kept many loyal Christians faithful.

3) Prayer-Prayer is a very unique communication with God. The most sincere Christians often feel that God does not respond to their prayers. This is a normal feeling. God is Invisible so we really don’t know what He is doing. We must first realize that God only promises to provide our needs (Matthew 6:25-33). There’s nothing wrong with desiring the most and/or the best. However God did not promise to provide things in this manner. We must also realize that God expects humans to act wisely. It would not be wise to pray incessantly and then wait for God to answer. NO! We must be proactive. I will give you a great example to help with understanding.

Sue wanted a new (hi-tech) car. She gave God all her reasons why this car was essential. Sue’s father advised a less expensive car. Sue would not brudge. Sue performed her research. She began contacting dealerships. Sue found a dealership which required a minimum deposit (which her father helped her with) and a monthly payment of $ 360.79. Sue would no longer have the time she previously had for spiritual growth. Much of Sue’s life would be centered around material things (such as over-time and/or multiple jobs).

Prayer is very similar to Sue’s actions. Sue was proactive and determined to have her “car prayer” answered. Everyone should have a prayer journal. It’s easy to blame God or life as we look at all the “wrongs” of life. Those with prayer journals eventually realize that God is answering their prayers. He might not answer prayers the way humans expect Him to. Yet He is answering their prayers.

4) Expect life’s “sins”- We’ve heard horror stories associated with religions. Many people trusted in the Bible, the religion, or the leaders and suffered for trusting in humans (Proverbs 3:5-6; Jeremiah 10:23). It’s essential that you serve God with those who respect you as an adult. Many locations attempt to “lead people like sleep”. This often leads to great injustices. One again YOU must be Proactive. Your association(s) must allow you to be Proactive. Parents are always responsible for the whereabouts and security of their children. It is only God Whom we are to trust (Proverbs 3:5-6). Anyone who reads the Bible knows that Jesus Christ (God) wanted a personal relationship with each person. Jesus Christ (God) was thoroughly against egotistic religious leaders. It’s amazing that many modern religious still disoby God and place themselves above God’s Holiness (Matthew Chapters 6 & 7).

Even if we are doing “pretty well” serving God, we will still face life’s dark areas. There may be times when more experienced Godly servants will have to come to our aids. We must avoid certain things that are embedded with sin (such as certain music and entertainments). We also have to practice personal security. King David assumed that God would protect his family. God allowed the family and possessions to be kidnapped. We should never assume. We must be Proactive. We must avoid thinking that “we can handle it”. We must learn to call out to God for our daily concerns. We also can’t waste much time worrying about our sins or the sin of this life.

Reducing Negativities in our lives-This is essential. God’s servants must be focused on growing with God. We must “cut off” unneccessary negativities as much as possible. If Sue ever realized that her materialistic life was overwhelming, she should make necessary changes. Jesus said to “cut off” anything (or anyone) prohibiting spiritual growth. It’s often necessary to move. Yes, you might get a reputation. Remember that it is not about you or what others say about you. It’s about you feeling strong in God’s Will. If you are just going through the motions, you are not progressing as God Wills (Revelation 2 & 3). Remember, undesireable things will occur. That’s when it’s time to repent (change/improve) your actions and attitudes and continue to grow with God. Pray Incessantly!

5) Increasing Godly Optimism With Yourself & Others-Worship should be fun and exciting. If we are somewhere where things are “ho hum” we should leave. Bible based Worship and Entertainment is definitely scriptural? The goal is to find people in which you have mutual “love”. You should also be encouraging other people as well.

Daily life will “bog” you down from time to time. It’s ok. The goal is to get back up and return to the above 5 steps. The sooner you (and I) do that, the stronger we will be in Godliness (Titus 2:12).

This article can be freely edited and utilized as long as credit is given to its author (Gary Colin).


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