Review of Paul Smith Extreme Aftershave

70s Aftershave
70s Aftershave
By RV1864 on 2015-05-10 09:40:54

Sir Paul Smith has made his name in Britain as a successful Fashion Designer whose business and reputation is founded upon his menswear, opening his first Shop in his home town of Nottingham in 1970 and having his first Paris exhibition in Paris in 1976. In recent years he has extended his highly acclaimed portfolio with a full range of Perfumes for both Men and Women. This review is about one of his aftershaves which is for sale under the title of Paul Smith’s Extreme Aftershave Spray for Men. This fragrance was released in 2002 to compliment the original Paul Smith Aftershave.

Unlike many other aftershave on the marker this particular fragrance really is a true aftershave since technically speaking many similar products that are colloquially referred to as Aftershaves are not and in fact fall into the group of Perfumes called Eau de Toilette’s (EdT), or Eau de Colognes (EdC). Many people are uncertain of what these terms mean although they have a significant effect on the purchase price. Although the figures vary from designer to designer these term relate to the concentration of the aromatic compounds that are incorporated into the finalised product.

Typically speaking Perfumes fall into four distinct groups, based on aromatic content.

Perfume – containing between 20%-40% aromatic compounds. It is sometimes listed as “eau de perfume” or “millésime”

Eau de parfumes (EdP)- containing between 10-30% aromatic compounds
Eau de toilettes(EdT) – containing between 5-20% aromatic compounds
Eau de colognes(EdC) – containing between 2-5% aromatic compounds
Splash and After shaves contain about 1% to 3% of the aromatic compounds.

As the aromatic compounds tende to be the most expensive component, as the concentration increases so does the price. However the length of time that the scent lasts also increases with the aromatic compounds concentration in the perfume or aftershave.

Paul Smith’s Extreme Aftershave Spray for Men has a recommended retail price of £35 for a 100ml bottle. Although if you shop online you can find it for arround you can find it as low as £11. The EDT version of the same scent can be found online for £21.99.

As this product is available in several concentrations, when shopping, be it physically in a shop or online, it is best to check which version you are looking at. Another word of caution, Paul Smith also does a version for woman, so make sure you are looking for the male fragrance.

The product is packaged in a square shaped clear glass Bottle with distinctive brightly coloured stripes down one of the edges comprising bands of vivid shades of red, yellow, orange, blue, green and white. The box the product comes in has similar banding.

The Aftershave itself is dispensed by a pump spray. Because of the concentration of the perfume within it only a small amount is necessary, so don’t be as liberal with it as you would with a cheaper version. The aftershave also seems to last a reasonable amount of time, another reason that you do not need to go overboard with the application of the product.

The aroma is a very pleasant one with the top notes of the fragrance being primarily notes of rosemary, nutmeg and cardamon between them establishing a spicy scent. Other people have observed citrus fragrances including Bergamot, an Asiatic Citrus Tree. Between them they create an aroma that is both fresh and lively.

Some people may find that Paul Smith Extreme Man aftershave is quite strong and may be too spicy for some peoples taste! Primarily on application it smells like citrus, but once you are around this fragrance for a long time, it smells more like heavy black ground pepper and a background of pine for some reason. Although the scent can be considered strong and attention grabbing, it normally draws compliments and is absolutely perfect before going out to a club.

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