Review of the Golf Buddy Pro GPS


Instead of having to depend on an expert caddie when you go golfing, you should use the help of one of the many efficient golf GPS units available on the market. These units provide you with all the information you would need while playing golf like course data, distance of your last shot and location of targets. The Golf Buddy Pro GPS is one of these units worth investing in.

There are no annual fees or golf course download fees you have to pay to access the 20,000 course database of the Golf Buddy Pro. Unlike other golf GPS units, this unit is pre-loaded with all the courses found in North America. If required, you can also add data of international courses to the GPS unit. This is because it is based on your location that the correct course and hole is automatically loaded on the unit.

The unit is simple to use and features a green view that changes the image of the course, depending on the angle of approach you use. You find target information loaded in the Golf Buddy Pro, where you can also add a maximum of 11 of your own personal targets per hole.

The unit comes with a high resolution black and white screen, driving distance mode, a multilingual capability and a score tracking module. Distance is measures in the unit using either yards or meters.

There is a mark button found here that measures the exact shot distance and a battery level and satellite strength indicator to provide optimum golf service. The unit is powered using a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and backup is provided through AAA batteries.

The Golf Buddy Pro GPS comes with a scoring tracking module and a target icon screen with a single hole positioning. For easy usage and connectivity with your PC, the Golf Buddy also comes with a USB cable.

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