Ricky Kalmon – Tv Hypnotist

.tags Even with all the options of cable, channel flipping always occurs. The new reality TV show seems to be another repeat of Real Housewives or Jersey Shore. The news is demoralizing. You’ve seen all the sitcom episodes before. And there are a lot of commercials. What happened to entertainment?

Granted there are some entertainment options. The most entertaining, however, is a show or person who can engage the audience with humor and skill. Ricky Kalmon, a TV hypnotist who had his own show, Seeing Stars, on the TV Guide channel, is one of these entertainers. Using humor and audience engagement, Kalmon uses his talent as a TV hypnotist to entertain and motivate. His skill is so strong that he is not limited to the silver screen.

Now Ricky Kalmon can be hired for both corporate and private events as a motivational speaker, comedian and hypnotist. He has been featured on E!, the TV Guide Channel, Comedy Central, Fox and FX. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as professional sports teams and universities. He works both corporate events as well as personal events and can tailor his program toward the host’s desires. In addition, this TV hypnotist has worked in the industry for over 20 years and can perform for audiences of any age.

All of these aspects means that Kalmon can create a funny, motivating and awe-inspiring performance for anyone and tailor it to specific needs. Rick Kalmon is a rare individual who can inspire both on and off the screen. His appearances on different television shows, as well as live appearances on stage, are equally amazing. Whereas some TV performers cannot entertain to the same level in person, Kalmon may be even better with more audience engagement. If looking for entertainment for your next event, whether it be corporate or private, Ricky Kalmon is your best best!

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