Right Way to Identify Loft Angle


Replacing of the club, especially when buying the club, you have to know every angle of the loft, of course, the club can play a fixed distance interval, which is not only related with the pitch angle of the club, even went to the loft accuracy related.

If the angle of the adjacent interval of the club is too big or too small, then the distance interval would be too large or not significantly different, even if the new club must often go to the ball with loft workshop accuracy of detection.

Not only the bad quality clubs have this problem, the same with the new ball, and the brand golf equipment also have this problem, which is to create the error problem.

If your club to play a lot of balls, you ball quickly, and often dig turf, you may change loft, be sure to always test adjustment.


TaylorMade R7 460 Driver , TaylorMade R7 425 Driver , Taylormade R7 Superquad Driver

In recent years, a range of loft decreased, from a vendor to prove their ball club played away, but they point to long iron is too small, it is generally difficult to use.

The design is to sand wedge ball quickly from bunker to play out, it is the same point of view, which has been maintained at 55 or 56 degrees.

For the driver, it is the smaller of the loft, the better. Most people have to be number one with a large angle to maximize the potential of wood, hit the ball far. So number one ball with a practical point of wood generally larger than the marked point. Please keep in mind the fact that: a loft with less than 10 degrees One wood. Coupled with the swing speed is not fast enough, hit the near absolute. For example, TaylorMade R9 Driver has a loft angle of 9.5 degrees.

Putter is also a loft, and about 2 to 4 degrees. Because the ball on the green is a little stuck in the grass inside, you need to have some minor point of putting the ball out of the grass, so it can roll forward smoothly. Right angles on the putter face are very important.

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