Rosacea And Skin Care

Dear Otterbox,
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Take care of yourself ok? Get that crack patched up and maybe we can talk.

Devoted love,

ps. didn’t you say you had a sister? a PINK one?
By jessica mullen on 2009-08-26 20:00:03

Bill Clinton and J.P. Morgan both faced the problem of rosacea once and while working sensible for their skin they could overcome it. Skin issues bother everybody at one time or another. Some people face the problem of acne; others are worried about changing skin color, some complaint of having wrinkles. Rosacea,is also a skin problem which worries many. Unlike acne, pimples and wrinkles, treating rosacea need utter most care and diligent effort at the patients end. Since the problem makes the skin over sensitive and needs to be treated very gently and carefully.

Rosacea- Symptoms

Rosacea occurs as reddening of the facial skin mainly around the nose, cheeks and chin. It seldom reaches the neck, chest and scalp. It is accompanied by small bumps (papules and pustules), stinging of the skin and visible red broken vessels on the face. It is usually seen among people with fair skin but some dark complexioned people might also get affected. It is common among people within the age group of 30 to 50 years.

Symptoms vary from person to person. With severity added symptoms like lobulated nose, stinging and redness in the eyes, pus filled papules, burning sensation and hot flushes in the facial skin might also be noticed.

Rosacea- possible causes and treatment

The exact cause of the above skin disorder is still unknown. But some possible causes may be allergy to certain food, beverage or alcoholic product, side effect or reaction to certain medication, over stress, reaction to certain beauty treatment (product used might not be safe), excessive exposure to heat or cold, immunological disorder or sunburn. With these entire causes one thing is common; they all can be prevented by properly protecting the skin.

So our first step should be to protect and coat our skin properly so as to avoid any chances of having this skin problem called rosacea. In case even if someone faces this, it becomes very obvious to first notice the substance the skin has shown allergic reaction to and make sure to avoid using it in future. Foremost thing is to treat the skin very gently and keep it calm. When a person faces such problem, the skin acts in an absurd fashion. It becomes oversensitive. So if you need to use some skin care products, first consult a dermatologist and them use the approved products only.

There are certain products from leading cosmeceutical companies like Obagi, Lierac paris, La Roche Posay, Skin Care Heaven and many more which are meant for sensitive skin. The cleansers, moisturizers, even sunscreens and make up products from such brands are designed to help keep the skin cool and boost it repair system from within. Such products should be included in daily skin care regime by those facing the problem of rosacea. It benefits the skin, keep it hydrated and would also not flare up any more redness or burning of the skin. These products gradually make the skin system strong and help in recovery.

A conscious effort is a must to get rid rosacea. Make all efforts to treat your skin gently and keep it calm all the while you are having rosacea and slowly you would observe your skin getting better.

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