Rules For Living Well


Buy local produce when available and learn to enjoy eating whatevervegetables are available at low cost. Better yet is to go to the country when vegetables and fruits are in season and ready for canning.

Buy a vehicle that boasts a small motor that will give you many more miles per gallon than that rubber burning monster you have now. It is not necessary to go from zero to sixty in six seconds. Ten or eleven seconds will get you there just the same.

Don’t charge more than you can pay off without interest. Credit card companies are among the richest in the world on your payments of interest. A bonus is the two per cent dividend you get for using their card for everything.

Dedicate some space in your house for a workshop with storage. Save those nuts and bolts for your next project whatever it may be. A home empty of unneeded (for now) gizmos just makes you buy six of an item you just need one of.

Learn to cook interesting and healthy recipes instead of being lazy and eating out. Hundreds of dollars can be saved every year and you will live longer and healthier, too.

Buy a small house that fits your needs rather than paying exorbitant rent or heating and cooling acres of space you will never use. Spend the money you will save on better quality furniture and clothes that don’t wear out in a couple of months.

Choose wash and wear fabrics that don’t need ironing or dry cleaning. You pay a little more up front but get it back in savings. Fabrics to look for are stretch Dacron, nylon jackets, pure wool or Trevira suits that don’t wrinkle and high quality cotton sweaters.

Learn to love what you have instead of what you can’t afford. We live in a wonderfully varied world with a myriad of things to keep us busy and interested in life.

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