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.tags Egyptian temples are specially decorated with numerous lightening shades.Hence, most tourists would prefer to visit this temple in the evening only. For decoration work, Hieroglyphics are used. Those who want to get details about ancient temples can prefer to access this site.If you will have interest in exploring ancient places, then you will definitely find Egyptian temples are the best suitable. They are having huge popularity among tourists. This temple is also known as iPet resyt. It is dedicated to the Amun, Chons and Mut.The Amenhotep III was specially designed art work of this temple. This Egyptian temple was developed at the place of historical Amon temple.The original area of this temple is around 190 meters long and 55 meters wide. After its renovation, the area became larger.The front side of this Egyptian temple was developed by Ramses II. Alexander the great was planed all major constructions. From younger to older, everyone would surely like to visit this place.

On the other hand, the ancient sun temple konark was situated at the Orissa state in India. It was built during the 13th century by the king of eastern Ganga dynasty.It is ranked in the list of worlds heritage site. The architectural work of this temple is based on the sun god and on the big chariot of Surya. If you will carefully see this art work, you will notice that this chariot which has twenty four gigantic wheels was drawn by the seven horses. Wheels are consists of stone carving. Statues of two giant lions are present at the entrance. The well known Nata mandir is the sub part of this temple.Frequently various types of dance forms are performed by the troupe dancers.

The sculptures of this temple are well maintained.The sun temple Konark is now belongs to the famous Kalinga school of Indian temples. October to March is the most favorable season to visit this place.In between March to June, Konark environment is quite hot. Heavy rain flow is continued during March to June. You can reach at this place by rail, by road or by air.If you will search on the sacred sites, then you will easily get the suitable list of information which includes accommodation options, traveling schedules and famous places etc. this is the only site which solve your all your travel related query. It has very easy access and more number of visitors.

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