Sailing on the Open Seas


If you love the freedom of being out on the open sea with the wind blowing in your face and nothing but blue skies and water for miles around you, sailing may be the perfect sport for you to get involved in. Sailing has been a wonderful sport and past time for many many years. Now, there are sailboats in every shape and size to please even the most picky sailor.

There are three main types of sailboats. One is the recreational sailboat and the other is for racing. Recreational sailboats vary greatly in shape and size. They can range from five feet to over one hundred feet in length. The smaller boats are more economical, usually costing a great deal less that their larger counterparts. Steering is much easier on a small boat, which combined with its price tag, makes it a great boat to learn on. Since they are so light, there will be less damage if you bump into something on the water. They are also easier to navigate on small lakes and rivers.

When you are dealing with a boat that exceeds approximately twenty feet, they begin to take the shape of the single hull sailboat. This means that there is a rudder wheel near the stern with a cabin towards the bow. All of the controls for the sails such as ropes and winches are found on the deck. They also usually have an engine with a propeller as an alternate form of power. Wind power is not always sufficient.

Another type of sailboat, a racing a boat, also come in different shapes and sizes. However, there is a standard type of boat for official races. Yacht racing is the most popular and utilizes forty four foot boats with a single hull.

The last type of sailboat is the catamaran sailboats which have two hulls with a deck spanning the gap between them.

Sailing can be a very difficult sport as there is a great deal of skills to learn. There is a strategy behind it and many controls that you will have to learn how to operate. Racing is even more difficult as you have to learn to work with a team. Team members practice together for years to perfect how they work together. Whatever type of sailing you choose to do, it is a worthwhile experience and you will have an amazing time!

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