Saving on Food when Traveling


When traveling to different states or outside the country it’s hard to stick to our food budget plan to keep the cost low. A huge bulk of our budget goes to consumables, so here are some tips to save on your food dollars while on a trip!

When on a road trip, it’s most helpful if you stock up on home-made snacks, packs of juice, bottled water and some sweets. Not only will you save with provisions brought from home, but you also keep time and budget under control by avoiding constant stop-over’s in restaurants and diners. There’s also an off chance that the prices of the items at another area is pricier than it normally is. Sometimes I find that diners sprouting in almost deserted areas charge more because they lack competition and there’s no other place for travelers to go.

When in a new country, immerse yourself in the local sounds, sights, food and culture. Enjoy great food by finding out famous local places to go to. Get the best, low-priced food by asking the bellhop or the chambermaid places where they usually eat. Hotel concierges normally guide you in high-end, pricey venues and four-star restaurants. Eating like a local lets you break free from tourist-infested venues, enjoy the experience, and save a lot of money with inexpensive but rich dishes!

Since food is probably one of the biggest expenses in your travel budget, check out free meals offered during your stay at the hotel. Usually, you will be given a free complimentary breakfast and lunch, afternoon tea, or even a dinner event.

Stop splurging on food that you can get back at home anyway! You’re here to savor the new place, getting away from the usual. Always opt to buy local dishes and snacks, not head off to the nearest convenience store to buy your usual chips and dips.

Don’t go to department stores for your groceries–buy at the market! Stock up on your staples and enjoy a change in scenery. Going to the market while on vacation opens up a whole possibility of new discoveries, and a chance to mingle with the locals. Not only will you be fully immersed, but you can get fruits and other items to snack on and saving money on your purchases.

Stop getting ripped off! You need that money to pay for museum fees, buy dance and art festival tickets, go all over the city in search of fun things to do, and also to buy souvenirs with! Focus on having fun, not worry on how to make ends meet when it comes to your travel budget.

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