Savour the Delicious Phnom Penh Cuisine


Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia is the place to find a countless number of mouth-watering restaurants that provides nothing less than a satisfying menu for travellers looking for a variety of cuisines. The food here is considered among the best in Cambodia, as an assortment of cuisines from around the world is made available.

Travellers to this beautiful metropolis will find almost all types of food and it is to no exaggeration. The city is renowned for their variety of cuisines that include Mexican, Italian, German, French, Greek, English, Malay and Thai. What is more, Phnom Penh is also a place where fast food and American-style barbeque and grill foods are also available. Fast food outlets such as Nike’s Pizza House, McDonalds, Kings Court Restaurant, Midnight Train, Shop Bakery and Delicatessen are also some of the noteworthy dining outlets in town.


Another popular cuisine in Phnom Penh is its Chinese food; a number of dining spots that offer a range of different varieties are available here for the traveller searching for a spicy Chinese meal. On the streets of Phnom Penh, Chinese eateries that include delicious budget dumpling shops as well as high-end lush restaurants such as Malis, Yi Sang and Romdeng are located around town.


Apart from the popular cuisines available, a range of restaurants that serve your favourite cuisine can be found. Some of these places include the 112 Restaurant, Pink Elephant, Origami, Topaz, Van’s Restaurant, Cantina and Cafe Metro are among the many here. You can also find fast food outlets serving you the best pizzas, burgers, fried chicken, submarine sandwiches and hot dogs. Dessert is also among the best served treats in the town as a range of ice cream, chocolate and doughnut shops are available. The options for food in this town are endless, so it is most likely that Phnom Penh has whatever you crave.


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