Science Makes A Weight-loss Dream Come True

{flickr|100|campaign} Technology is moving at an alarming rate and devices of all sorts are popping up every day. Many of these innovations remain behind closed doors until you start looking. For example, you want to lose extra body-fat but the spin classes just aren’t cutting it for the love handles or the cellulite. Depressing but true, this makes you long for a simple machine that can just take the pounds off without having to invest thousands of dollars in risky liposuction surgery. Wouldn’t it be amazing if such a thing existed? It would be a bit like Star Trek, where they use cool laser gadgets to fix all manner of physical problems.

As it turns out, technology has created such a device. The dream has come true and it has been for some time now. Liposuction is a common term, but there is a stigma of pain and risks with the very idea. Then there is normal laser liposuction, where a laser probe is inserted through incisions in the skin and the fat is squeezed out as it is ablated. This seems a lot better, but there is still the cutting involved. Can’t they do better than that?

Yes, they can! It is called non-invasive cold-laser lipo. It has also been placed within the general term, “Smart-Lipo.” The reason that this approach is smart and practical is simple. Cold laser lipo is a non-surgical treatment that can be performed outside of a medical setting, as it is more of a spa treatment than a medical treatment. This is simply because it involves no surgery or anesthesia. It is actually painless, simple, and effective all at the same time. It does have a bit of a Star Trek feel to it.

The Sigma LumiSlim Pro Laser Lipo system is a remarkable machine sold by Crystal Medical out of the United Kingdom. This company specializes in medical-grade equipment and has a standard that supports the well being of specialists, physicians, and entrepreneurs as well as all of their clients. The LumiSlim is the answer to non-invasive cold laser lipo.

LumiSlim definitely works for those who receive the treatments and also works as a boost to business for salon owners who utilize it in their services. The mechanism of action can be easily explained. Unlike surgical liposuction, it doesn’t sound scary at all. The machine has four pads that can be applied to treatment areas of the body. If you want to lose some inches off of the abdomen, the four pads are placed over the area, comfortably secured by elastic bands. Each of these pads house laser-emitting diodes that deliver non-invasive cold laser frequency into the fatty tissue.

What happens next is amazing. The adipose cells which house stored body-fat lose their rounded shape due to the frequency of the laser emissions and stored fat is released into the surrounding body fluids where it is then picked up by the lymphatic system to be eliminated and used for energy. It actually helps the cells to metabolize fat more efficiently. The procedure is that simple and it takes less than an hour to complete. Results are noticed instantly, but with repeated treatments, remarkable changes will take place and the body can be sculpted to a beautiful form once again.

Of course, this process is best facilitated in combination with exercise to assist the fat-loss process. Usually with exercise there is no such thing as spot-reduction. Sit-ups won’t take away belly flab anymore than bench presses will tone breasts. With the LumiSlim, on the other hand, specific areas can be treated and then further toned with exercise, making spot-reduction a reality.

For the salon owner, the LumiSlim is a wonderful and profitable addition to their services. For the client receiving the treatments, it is a blessing that will last and support their body-shaping goals more efficiently than any other method.

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