Secret Snacks For Losing Weight – 3 Snack Diets Taken by Celebrities Revealed!


Snacks are foods eaten between meals. The three main meals are, of course, breakfast, lunch, and supper. Also called informal meals, snacks may affect the weight of an individual, depending upon the type of foods eaten as snacks. Diets sometimes are thought to be broken by the eating of snacks, especially when people are undergoing a weight-loss regimen.

Snacks, in general, are not necessarily bad. In contrast, when planned properly, snacks can be good when one is trying to avoiding food bingeing. For those who are trying to lose weight, snacks that are healthful can be a good complement to their diets. Celebrities have revealed their secret to maintaining weight (appropriate for their height). Three of the healthful snacks are:

1. For those who have a sweet tooth, gorging on fruits can be good for their diet. Fruits that complement the weight-loss diets are:

i. Green apple – Green apples are very low in sugar, and they’re the best for those who are trying to lose weight without getting deprived of the needed nutrients such as vitamins C and B6, and minerals such as copper and manganese.
ii. Pineapple – Pineapple contains 40 calories and 0 fat. It is rich in water which helps in the digestion and elimination of wastes, an essential factor in weight loss.
iii. Orange – This citrus fruit is abundant in vitamin C which is best for the immune system. Moreover, this can be a superb complement in fat-fighting diets.

2. For salty snacks, popcorn and banana chips are among the healthful, low-fat snacks that can be taken. Baked banana chips have a lower calorie level. If you prefer popcorn, choose air-popped popcorn because 3 cups of it contain just about 90 calories. That is a 39, 520-calorie saving per year.

3. Protein-rich foods – Protein-rich foods provide the needed energy to burn calories or fats. Hotdogs which are low in fats, cold-cuts, and meatless burgers are excellent snacks, and so are instant soup dishes.

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