Sediment Water Filters Promote a Healthy Lifestyle


Did you know that the bottled water industry is less regulated than you think? Recent studies have shown that bottled water actually contains small amounts of particles similar to tap water. People choose to buy bottled water for convenience, but is it really worth it? Sediment water filters are popular and improving in quality every year. The technology is constantly being refined to filter out anything that may get mixed with the pure, quality water you want to drink.

There are a few different types of water filters. A whole-house filter usually works by the means of activated charcoal. Charcoal is made mostly of carbon, and when heated in a certain way it becomes extremely absorbent, hence calling it activated. This activated charcoal absorbs nearly all of the impurities, leaving you with clean, drinkable and good-tasting water. These filters are also used in over and under-counter filters.

Another kind of filter available is called a reverse-osmosis filter. Osmosis means it is being pushed through a very fine membrane, which catches all kinds of dirt and sediment particles. These particles are later flushed down the drain. The water then goes into a tank with activated charcoal in order to remove the metal taste remaining in the water.

An ion exchange filter removes salts from the water. It does this by replacing the ions, which are the salts, giving the water a softened effect and negating the poisoning effects of salts. These filtration systems were used in the industries long before they were introduced to our households.

Distillation is the most popular form of water filtration. It works by turning the water into steam and then cooling it down and condensing it again, resulting in sediment-free water. This is combined with charcoal filtration to provide very healthy and extra-pure water. Any type of water filter is better than no filter system in a home. They are inexpensive when compared to bottled water and most filters last for up to one month.

Water from the tap usually tastes different from filtered water. This is because tap water is often regarded as filtered and safe, but still has other elements such as iron and chlorine in it and therefore is not pure. A filtration system can improve your health in the long run as opposed to drinking water from the tap.

People who drink filtered water are also more likely to live longer and healthier. The body is made mostly of water, and drinking pure water means that toxins will not build up when drinking bottled or tap water. For this reason, you should think about buying a filtration system in order to promote a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

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