Serviced Apartments – An Exclusive Lodging Option


The majority of individuals who visit Lisbon and do not want to go through the procedure of a hotel prefer to stay in serviced apartments or apartment hotels. The self catering accommodation provides greater flexibility and generally families like the handiness of a serviced apartment where the food can be made according to one’s own choice and most importantly the prices are cheaper. In Lisbon you can find dozens of excellently located and modern serviced apartments at unbeatable range.

The best part about the serviced apartments is that additional facilities are incorporated, which are generally not accessible when staying in a hotel. Extra living space, lawns, bathrooms and even kitchens are all available, which go together with the intention of giving home like feeling while staying in Lisbon. When you know that you are going to stay in Lisbon for a long period, serviced apartment are a better option to reside in, as they are more home friendly and give access to almost all the basic amenities like that of a home. These apartments cover wide range of modern accommodations. One can easily find affordable, basic options simply as easily as sophisticated luxury amenities.

Like any hotel, the serviced apartments are accessible on a day to day basis, providing you the freedom for staying as long as you wish to. When availing serviced apartment for your accommodation, you do not have to worry about its positioning, as majority of the apartments accessible are ideally located. Perfect location of the apartments makes them a hit among the people holidaying in Lisbon.

One can easily pick from an assortment of apartments that includes a balcony with the city views, or are at a very close distance from major sights and walking distance away from the metro station. You may also find apartments with stylish interiors, or apartments offering a panoramic view of St. George Castle and the prime street of the Chiado district Rua Garrett. Serviced apartment with perfect scenery to start and begin your day are accessible too. Thus, in various respects, the apartments are no less than hotels, be it in terms of services or the facilities and even location.

This is not the limit of the facilities provided by the serviced apartments. Other relevant benefits make them an exclusive lodging option. You can take pleasure in an array of facilities like swimming pool, gymnasium, health clubs and even bar to please your fitness requirements. Isolation is an additional matter that allures voyagers in Lisbon towards the serviced apartments. Individuals residing in the serviced apartments can certainly take pleasure in living in absolute privacy.

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