Setting the Right Weight Loss Goals


We often hear people say they plan to lose a lot of weight, or they plan to lose 20 pounds in the next couple of weeks, only to fail a short time later. So what went wrong? Why do people do this time and again? A big reason is a simple one… they set their goals at unreasonable levels.

While it is true that you need goals to accomplish anything worthwhile in life, setting the right goal is just as important. Avoid setting yourself up for disappointment by setting wild and unreasonable weight loss goals. Losing 20 pounds in 2 weeks is not going to be possible for almost all people, not to mention it is unhealthy.

The key is to set smaller, more realistic goals that still take effort to meet, but ones that are not over the top. A goal of losing 3-5 pounds a week is much better than one that you set way higher. When you do meet it you can always change it and set it a little higher.

Also, be careful about setting body specific goals, What I mean by that is having a goal that targets only one specific part of your body. You often hear about someone saying they only plan to lose 3 inches in their hips, or eliminate fat in some other area.

Spot reduction as they call it, is a myth. Unless you opt for surgery of course.

Finally, avoid the crash diets or starvation diets to meet your goals. Your body should never be put through the damaging effects of these types of diets. They simply do not work. Your metabolism slows down and stores more fat because it senses what you are doing and prepares for it.

Setting the right weight loss goals is one of the biggest keys in losing weight. Use these tips to help in setting your own goals and I believe you will find success.

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