Shanxi Shangluo: Speed Up The Modernization Of Traditional Chinese Medicine


In recent years, Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province, through the restructuring and reorganizing, Investment, etc., total investment of more than 350 million yuan, has completed Panlong 7, 8 Xiangju chip production lines and other construction projects, so that Chinese medicine industrial capacity greatly improved, effectively driven the rapid development of traditional Chinese medicine industry. By 2008, Shangluo a total area of 145 mu of Chinese herbal medicines, including standardization of planting 56 million mu, ranking the province first became a major source of income for local farmers.

Shangluo city since ancient times, “Qin in no leisure grass, commercial and hilly cure” theory. “National Chinese herbal medicine resources compiled” included in the 2002 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine, there are 1192 kinds of Shangluo region, of which 265 species are included in the new version of “pharmacopoeia.” There are 56 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine large tunnel, which Salvia, Forsythia, Platycodon grandiflorum, Schisandra, Scutellaria baicalensis, not only planted a long history, but also high levels of efficacy component.

Around this resource advantages, Shangluo City, seize the historic opportunity to implement the modernization of Chinese medicine, modern Chinese medicine as one of the city’s five major pillar industries, established the “eco-industrial development, eco-construction industry” of the Chinese medicine industry to develop new ideas .

In addition to actively promote the standardization of cultivation, production scale, product branding and sustainable development, and Shangluo with particular emphasis on leading role played by leading enterprises. Tianjin Tasly (27.00, -0.01, -0.04%) group and Shangluo Municipal People’s Government jointly set up plants in Shaanxi Province Tasly Pharmaceutical Company has established the nation’s first Salvia GAP base, in which drug Pieces of Chinese medicine plant extract plant material through the GMP certification, up to million tons of annual processing of Chinese herbal medicines; Zhashui County invested more than 10 billion yuan in Shaanxi built the first Chinese-medicine-based processing Panlong eco-industrial park development have been settled more than a dozen companies.

In 2008, the city’s above-scale pharmaceutical processing enterprises from 1998 to four, developed to 10, Chinese medicine industrial output value reached 8 billion yuan, an increase of 8-fold over that of 1998. Which Xiangju, Panlong, Thailand and China, will Kang, Ouke key pharmaceutical companies and other 5 of the 41 formulations, 167 species passed the GMP certification; Panlong, Xiangju two pharmaceutical companies each contributed annual sales income two hundred million dollars. The two companies received 18 invention patents, patent products accounted for enterprise gross output value of 90%.

This year, the Shangluo organization building the production base of 100 mu of medicinal herbs, investment 100 million yuan in carrying top five providers of health care medicines, foods, extracts and Chinese medicine project 20 to promote the modern traditional Chinese medicine output value reached 15 billion yuan.

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