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To say that Warsaw has changed since the days of Soviet rule would be something of a major understatement. Poland’s capital city was practically razed to the ground during World War 2 and following the collapse of the Third Reich, the Russians came in and liberated Warsaw before establishing Communist rule in the country.

Poland regained its independence back in 1989 and efforts began to turn the country into a market economy. Within a few years Poland had begun to experience impressive growth. The city of Warsaw has now been transformed and you would be hard pushed to recognise it from just a few decades ago. Modern buildings have been constructed and the Old Town which suffered so much at the hands of German forces has been restored to its former glory. All this effort has now helped to make Poland and its capital city of Warsaw one of the most popular destinations in Europe.

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Thousands of nationalists march in Warsaw for Independence Day

Thousands of nationalists march in a demonstration organized by far-right groups in Warsaw, as Poland celebrates their Independence Day. IMAGES

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