Shopping For Maternity Jeans

.tags Being pregnant is wonderful as you will experience many changes in your body. With those changes, come changes in wardrobe. You should be comfortable when you are out and about while your baby is growing.

Pregnant women still want to look their best despite their expanding waistline. Shopping for maternity jeans is a great way to still show off your assets while being pregnant. However, shopping for maternity jeans is not like shopping for any type of clothing. You need your jeans to fit right and look great while also accommodating your expanding belly.

Tips For Maternity Jeans

The main part to remember when purchasing the right maternity jeans is answering some questions honestly. Remember, if you lie to yourself the only person that you are hurting is yourself with uncomfortable jeans.

Most likely, you are on a budget so you cannot shop for maternity pants every month. The first rule is to admit that there needs to be some real room for your belly to grow. There should be about 2 inches of room for your stomach to expand and fit into.

The best jeans to purchase are ones with elastic inserts and buttons. The reason for this is that eventually your hips will start to disappear as you put on weight and you will need something to keep your pants up. Elastic will stretch with you, while buttons adjust to your changing body but still keep the pants snug.

You should leave comfortable room in the crotch area also. Too tight of an area will leave you uncomfortable but too much room will leave your pants looking frumpy. The style of jeans will also influence how you look.

Tapered jeans generally have the tendency to create a larger waist, bottom and hip appearance. Darker jeans will always have a more slimming effect overall which some women will be greatly appreciative of.

Shop by Tri-mester

Many of the jeans will have sizes according to the tri-mester. This will help you greatly when looking for your size. For your first two tri-mesters, waistband jeans are recommended. When you reach your third tri-mester, there are two principal jean styles to choose from. There are full panel jeans that are able to cover your stomach and stretch. The other type is stretch jeans that do not go over the stomach which are below the belly jeans. These jeans can provide support and comfort without the uncomfortable feeling that there is something over your stomach.

You should try on different styles and sizes to see which maternity jeans fit you best. You may be surprised with the unique styles and colours that maternity jeans come in. But most of all, dont forget that there are some very fashionable designs available, so there is no reason that you cant look fantastic while pregnant.

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