Short Breaks – The Ultimate Way To Stay Stress Free

.tags Has it really been that long since you last had a holiday? Youre sitting at work dreaming of strolling along the beach, sipping a cocktail in a bar or mountain biking through the countryside – its time for you take a short break. But short breaks are just like any other holiday, theyre meant to be relaxing but can be stressful if you dont get things right. To stay stress-free, you need to follow a simple set of guidelines:

Choose your destination carefully. When youre planning a holiday, youve got to take everybody into consideration. If youre holidaying with children, ensure there will be plenty to keep them entertained – from kids clubs to crches and swimming pools to go-karting. Travelling with seniors, make sure accommodation is suitable and getting around will be easy. When picking a holiday destination, consider the limitations of everyone thats travelling and your holiday will get off to the best possible start.

Do your research. For any holiday, preparation is the key to success. Short breaks are no different as once youve left your house there really is no going back. Whether youre planning lots of day trips, eating out or seeing the sights, do your research and make your holiday run smoothly. Check out what the local area has to offer before you travel – the internet is a great way of finding things to do and you can also pick up discount vouchers to get even more bang for your buck.

Pack everything you need. Even if youre not heading abroad there are still plenty of must-haves to put in your suitcase and keep in the car! For short breaks in the UK, car journeys can often take longer than overseas flights. So make sure you pack things to do – games, toys, CDs and DVDs – that will help time to fly by, especially for the kids. Boredom is one way of making a holiday stressful so stay stress-free, from start to finish, by taking plenty of things to keep everybody occupied.

Dont break the bank. Short breaks shouldnt cost a small fortune. If youre going away for a long weekend or a few days midweek, its important you set a spending budget and stick to it. Its not a two week holiday so adjust your budget accordingly. By alternating between eating out and cooking yourself or evenings in the bar and a few drinks in front of the TV, your holiday wont leave you penniless when you get home.

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