Silver Sailors: The Popularity of Cruising


As life expectancy rises and the older generations find themselves more upwardly mobile, bored and active than ever, it’s no wonder holidays occupy a happy little slot of their time. Cruise holidays are more popular than ever across the board, however it’s the discerning “Silver Sailors” who make up a noteworthy proportion on board many of the world’s most esteemed cruise ships and ocean-going liners.

The simple ability to get about can hinder seniors, making a two week stay in a hotel or apartment somewhat of a redundant investment. Scheduled cruise holidays afford comfort, safety, full facility provision, changing scenery and optional excursions. The big question has to be – ocean or river cruise?

Ocean cruises can be a little off-putting to seniors. Where liners are the size of small towns, older folks can lose patience in the chaotic malaise of over-the-top entertainment provision, screaming kids and the early morning sun bed obstacle race!

River cruises are arguably the choice for silver sailors. The Norwegian Fjords and Egypt’s Nile River cruises mark year-round popular destinations. Ships such as those on fjords and Nile River cruises are significantly smaller than ocean liners, relying much less on onboard entertainment provision. Whilst ocean-going cruise liners can sometimes be something of an assault on the senses, river cruises tend to operate on a much smaller, laid back, quiet scale. Whilst this slower pace occasionally deters family groups, the attraction of idly watching the world glide mesmerically by is enough to tempt older folks – from the most tenaciously active senior to those who love nothing more than a long, quiet, contemplative lounge on deck.

Finding a cheap all-inclusive deal is usually relatively straight forward. For example, cheap Nile cruises are available throughout the year, with November and December generally being the cheapest months. Perhaps it’s time to put that “Silver Surfer” tag to good use and look online for some cheap Nile cruises, thrifty ocean deals or frugal fjord jaunts!

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