Simple And Best Home Remedies For Cough And Cold

.tags Cough and cold usually go hand in hand. Both are very common and affect men, women and children. People with low immunity can suffer from these often.

Cough is a reflex action of the body to throw out any outside particle or dust which enters the airway. It is a sudden violent expel of air from the lungs. It is a defense mechanism which keeps the throat and air passages clear of any irritant. It may be dry or productive kind. In the case of productive type, there is excessive mucus or phlegm.

Cold is also an infection of the upper respiratory tract. It is the presence of infection which causes nasal congestion and sneezing. Many kinds of viruses may be responsible for it. The body is not able up build up enough resistance to all, therefore cold and cough is a very common occurrence.

Seasonal changes can bring in symptoms of both. It is also triggered by smoke, pollution or some allergies. People suffering from asthma are more prone to it.

The symptoms are blocked nose, runny nose or itchy nose, sneezing, sore throat, congestion, breathing difficulty, heaviness, headache, body ache and loss of appetite. The extra mucus due to the infection can cause congestion.

Persistent cough and cold can be treated with many types of syrup available. The different kinds of medicines available are cough syrups, suppressants for dry cough, decongestants, etc. Most often these medications make one feel drowsy and sleepy, hence making it difficult to carry out the normal activities during the day.

Home remedies are a safe way to prevent or cure both cough and common cold. Some of the home remedies are given here

1. Ginger: Grate a small piece of ginger and squeeze the juice properly. Mix a spoon of this juice with honey and take it regularly. This is a very effective home remedy for cough and cold.

2. Garlic: Garlic can be eaten raw or in the form of soup. Garlic reduces the severity of cold.

3. Tea: Tea made with ginger is beneficial too.

4. Turmeric: Add a pinch of turmeric powder to a glass of warm milk and drink this before going to bed. This soothes the throat and gives relief form cough and cold.

5. Soup: Soups are easy to swallow and provide a soothing relief.

6. Honey: A spoonful of honey taken regularly is very useful for such conditions.

7. Vitamin C: Intake of vitamin C helps build up the immunity and diminishes the chances of acquiring nasal congestion.

8. Gargle: Gargling with salt water is very good for the throat.

9. Water: Water is essential to thin down the mucus present. Thick mucus is difficult to expel from the body.

10. Steam Inhalation: Boil water and place your head over the pot of water at a safe distance. Inhale the steam. The steam provides moisture and therefore gives relief.

11. Keep warm: Lastly keep yourself warm and avoid being exposed to cold or AC conditions. Keep chest and throat area warm.

Avoid cold food and drinks. Do not stay in dry conditions. Blow the nose in a right way to throw out the infected mucus, do not sniff it back in. Take ample rest and increase your immunity to keep such illnesses away.

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